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Updated August 12, 2019
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Aquarium Fish Definition and Glossary

K - Kelvin :
For fish keepers, the Kelvin scale is a thermodynamic temperature scale used when referring to the color of fluorescent lighting. A candle flame is about 1800°, daylight is about 6500° and a cloudless day could be 10,000° plus. fluorescent lighting wise 10,000°K bulbs are a crisp white and 20,000°K are more blue in color.

Kalkwasser :
a German word that translated means "lime water". Kalkwasser is calcium hydroxide that is usually administered using a dosing system. The dosing system can be automated whereby the dose is controlled by the pH levels in the aquarium or it can be a manual process of dosing kalkwasser during water-top offs or slow-dripped into the aquarium. The good thing about kalkwasser is that it will supplement both calcium and help keep the alkalinity level and the pH stable. For more, see:
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Kalk Reactor :
a piece of aquarium equipment that is used to mix freshwater with calcium hydroxide (kalkwasser) using an automated stirring mechanism in tandem with a slow dosing system.

Kanamycin :
an aquarium fish medication used to treat fungal and bacterial fish diseases. Kanamycin can be difficult to find but Kanaplex (below), which is the same thing, is more easily found.

Kanaplex :
an aquarium fish medicine made by Seachem that is used to treat several fungal and bacterial fish diseases. More info
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Kelvin :
refers to the Kelvin Scale that is used to measure the color temperature of light. Common color temperatures (measured in Kelvin - °K) are 6,000°K, 6,700°K, 10,000°K and 20,000°K. Saltwater Reef tank keepers sometimes experiment with lights of various lighting temperatures to get maxiumum growth out of their corals.

Kordon :
an aquarium supplement and product manufacturer. They make a fairly popular Ich medicine called Rid-Ich+. They also make a product called Fish Protector that is used to increase the slime coat on fish and ease stress to help limit losses. See more below:

Krill :
is a small crustacean that is used to increase the colors in fish. Krill should only be used occasionally as a supplement. See:
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