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Filter :
is a piece of aquarium equipment used to clean the aquarium water through mechanical, biological or chemical methods. Also see: Aquarium Filters.

Fin Rot :
is a fish disease that causes the fish fins to rot away. This is a bacterial infection that is usually brought about by poor nutrition and poor water quality within the aquarium. It may also be caused by fin nipping coupled with poor water quality. Given good conditions (water, foods and no fin nippers) the fish fins may grow back.

Fingerling :
is a baby, young, or very small fish.

Fish Only - FO :
is a term that is often used to describe a saltwater tank that consists of fish only. There are no live rock, corals or other marine invertebrates present. These are very basic setups and can actually be a little harder to run than tanks employing live rock.

Fish Only With Live Rock - FOWLR :
is a term used to describe a saltwater tank using live rock. Fish are included in this saltwater aquarium setup, but there are no corals or invertebrates.

Flashing :
used to describe the quick darting or fish flashing against objects in the aquarium. This can be signs of the onset of a disease known as ich in your fish. Watch them closely and hopefully, if they are new fish, they are in a quarantine tank where you'll be able to treat them effectively. If not, it may be a good idea to start getting a quarantine tank ready.

fluorescent Light :
is an aquarium light that uses electricity, mercury vapor and neon gas to produce ultraviolet light. These lights require a ballast to regulate the electrical flow to the lamps.

Fluidized Bed Filter :
an aquarium filtration device that forces water through a sand medium. As the aquarium water flows continuously through the sand, beneficial bacteria colonies attach themselves to the sand and it should increase the biological filtration capacity of the aquarium. There can be some potential problems with running these filters. They can become packed and turn into nitrate factories. Mechanical filtration of debris before the water enters the fluidized bed filter should help prevent this from happening though frequent monitoring and maintenance may be required.

Foam Fractionation :
a method of removing dissolved organics from the aquarium water. Also see: Protein Skimmer.

Frag :
short for coral fragment, refers to a small piece of coral. Corals can be very expensive and hobbyists will often frag their corals for trading with other hobbyists.

Frogspawn Coral :
see Frogspawn Coral

Fry :
can be thought of as free swimming baby fish.

Full Spectrum Light :
is a light that displays the entire spectrum of visible light, from violet to red. For example, sunlight is considered Full Spectrum.

FW :
abbreviation for the term "Freshwater".

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