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Updated August 12, 2019
Author: Mike - FishLore Admin
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Aquarium Fish Definition and Glossary

Eco-Complete :
is an aquarium substrate made by Carb Sea that is black in color and is considered a complete substrate for a freshwater planted aquarium. It contains major and minor trace elements needed for growing aquarium plants. See:
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Ecosystem :
can be thought of as an environment or location and all the organsims and animals that make up this environment along with their relationships with each other and their relationship with the environment.

Egg Burier :
is a reproductive method where the fish will dig a pit and the female will release her eggs into the pit and then the male fertilizes them. One of the parents will usually guard the eggs while the other guards the immediate vicinity, keeping any egg eaters away.

Egg Layer :
or Egg Depositor, this is a method of fish reproduction where the female places the eggs in a particular location (vertical surface, plant leaf, inside driftwood, etc.) and the male comes behind releasing sperm to fertilize the eggs.

Egg Scatterer :
is a reproductive strategy where the female fish drops the eggs as she swims and the males releases sperm into the water at the same time. It's not the most effecient strategy since many of the eggs fall into the substrate or get eaten by the other fish. Bare bottoms tanks are highly recommended in order to increase your chances of success when breeding egg scatterers.

Eheim :
an aquarium product manufacturer that is known for making quality pumps and filters. One of the most popular canister filters is the Eheim Classic (Models 2211, 2213, 2215, 2217, etc):
Eheim Classic
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Elodea :
an aquatic plant used in freshwater aquariums and ponds. Anacharis Egeria Densa Elodea is considered hardy and easy to grow. More info:
Elodea Plant
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Endangered Species :
is an organism, animal or fish that is at risk of becoming extinct. It could mean that the natural population of the animal is dwindling or the habitat of the animal is under serious threat.

Endemic :
means that a fish or animal is native to the particular place or geographical location.

Endosymbiosis :
when an organism lives within the cells of another organism. Also see: symbiosis

Epsom Salt :
is magnesium sulfate, a mild muscle relaxer and used in fish to relieve constipation via an epsom salt bath.
Epsom Salt
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Estuary :
is a body of water connected to the ocean with freshwater rivers flowing into it.

Euthanize :
to terminate a fish in a painless manner in order to stop its suffering resulting from disease or injury. Here is a good thread on the forum for proper ways to euthanize a fish: Humane Methods of Euthanasia For Fish

Excel - Flourish Excel :
is an aquarium supplement made by Seachem that provides organic carbon for planted aquariums and contains no phosphate or nitrate. It can be used alone or in conjunction with CO2 injection. See:
Flourish Excel
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Extinct :
when a species is no longer living.