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Updated August 12, 2019
Author: Mike - FishLore Admin
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The ReefLink is made by EcoTech and it is a wireless device that allows you to connect your EcoTech products (Radion LEDs and the Vortech pumps) to their website called EcoSmart Live. On the website and through apps for both android and iOS devices (apple) you can control your lights and pumps using your phone, your tablet or your computer. It is really very cool.



As I mentioned in my review of the Radion Pro LEDs I also picked up the ReefLink because of the aforementioned technology it provides. Controlling my new LEDs from my iPad? I had to have it! They recently launched an update that now allows you to also control your vortech pumps as well using the app. They have lots of tutorial videos on how to get everything up and running if you have trouble setting up but the wizard in the app provides good directions on how to go about hooking everything up.

The website EcoSmart Live is really useful as well. From the site you can set up your lighting schedules for your Radion LEDs and tinker with every possible feature (there are many features) they come with. You will spend a lot of time initially on the site until you get your lights just right for your tank. Once your schedule is set up on the site you can get the app for your phone or tablet and wow your friends with the controllability of your pumps and lights (insert nerd laughter here). When I'm having friends over I like to turn my lights to all blue mode which makes my reef tank look awesome and makes the corals look really cool and I can do it all from my iPad without even having to go near the lights! How cool is that?

While the control of the vortech pumps and the radion LEDs are uber cool, I can't help but think/hope/wish that EcoTech has more products in store that will also connect wirelessly. Think wireless pH, temperature, calcium, nitrate, phosphate, alkalinity and redox controllers that you can view at the touch of a button, on your couch, on your iPad! If they do this it will be awesome and well worth the price of the ReefLink which is currently $99. There are also promotions where if you buy a vortech pump or radion they will take half off the price of the ReefLink. Get it!

h2>How it works You turn on and connect the ReefLink to your home network. It discovers your devices and you can then control these devices using the website, the apps or your computer. That's it. Simple but awesome.


Input 110-240 V (50/60hz)
Ethernet 10/100 mb
WiFi 802.11n
Uses RF (radio frequency) to communicate with EcoTech devices
Direct connect option with an ethernet cable is available
LED ring light alerts you to connection status
WiFi is built in to the ReefLink
Control multiple devices made by EcoTech
Requires Windows XP or later or OSX 10.6 or later and a web browser (chrome, safari, firefox, etc)

As you can tell from the review I'm rather pleased with this product and I think it can help take your reef tank to the next level. I give the ReefLink 5 stars

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Review Title: Ecotech ReefLink Controller
Reviewed by: Mike FishLore
Summary: Review of the Ecotech ReefLink wireless controller.
Description: A review of the Ecotech ReefLink wireless controller.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

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