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CAD Lights Conic Bio Pellet Reactor Review

CAD Lights has a new conic bio pellet reactor available that is supposed to be more advanced than your standard bio pellet reactor. A lot of hobbyists start using biopellets with a Two Little Fishies Phosban reactor which does a good job but sometimes the pellets get clogged up and won't tumble correctly. A good shake or stir is in order to get them unclogged. Another problem with the standard TLF reactor is that the flow has to go twice the distance. The water flow enters at the top of the reactor, flows down through the reactor and then flows back out the top. CAD Lights came up with a conic shaped reactor and placed the pump under the reactor so that more flow can put into the reactor since the water only has to go half the distance. After watching a video on youtube on the performance of this biopellet reactor and the way the pellets were tumbling I just had to get one.

CAD Lights Conic Bio Pellet Reactor

Bio Pellet Reactor Video

You can tell from the video how good the tumbling action is. This conic biopellet reactor from CAD Lights can hold up to 750ml of biopellets. I have about 450ml of pellets in mine and will be adding about 200ml more here shortly. I was able to consolidate three TLF reactors into the single CAD Lights reactor, cutting my power consumption in half and getting that awesome tumbling action!

Conic Bio Pellet Reactor Specs

  • Made in the USA!
  • 3-way recirculating valve gives you flow control of the Bio-reactor
  • Footprint: 6" x 6" x 12" (16" high with plumbing)
  • Holds up to 750ml of Bio-pellets
  • Pump uses 11.5 watts of energy and is nearly silent
  • Standard 1/2" SCH40 PVC can easily be extended to reach into other chambers, e.g. where the protein skimmer is located
  • Easy to disassemble for maintenance and cleaning
  • Comes with the pump and all the plumbing needed - you can also run it without the plumbing if you don't want to use the included 3-way control valve.

You can buy this reactor for about $175 plus shipping at the manufacturer's website If you're having issues with your biopellet reactor(s) not tumbling the pellets to your satisfaction in your marine reef tank setup or saltwater aquarium setup, look into getting this conic reactor from CAD Lights. The TLF reactors worked ok for the time I used them as biopellet reactors but equipment improves over time and this CAD Lights reactor is way better for biopellets. My TLF reactors will still be used I'm sure as supplemental reactors as needed or on one of my other tanks. I'm very happy with this product and I give it 5 stars

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Author : Mike FishLore

Rating Information
Review Title: CAD Lights Conic Bio Pellet Reactor
Reviewed by: Mike FishLore
Summary: Review of the CAD Lights Conic Bio Pellet Reactor.
Description: CAD Lights has a new conic bio pellet reactor available that is supposed to be more advanced than your standard bio pellet reactor.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

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