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Baensch Marine Atlas Volume 1

By Dr. Robert Patzner, Dr. Horst Moosleitner, Dr. Manfred Schluter, Wilhelm Tomey - Mergus Publishers (2005)

Baensch Marine Atlas Volume 1

The Baensch Marine Atlas Volume 1 is the first in a series of three books that covers the setup of saltwater aquariums and the plants, animals, invertebrates and corals that could be kept in them. These books are very thick and the first volume has around 1200 pages! It is huge and packed full of saltwater aquarium setup, invertebrate and fish information.

The first half of volume one covers saltwater aquarium setup information and the second half gets into the detailed profiles for algae, inverts, anemones and fishes. They use a key in the profiles that takes some getting used to but once you do get used to it, it makes sense. Profiles show the original habitat, how to differentiate males from females, temperament, aquarium upkeep of the species, lighting requirements (if any), reproduction, feeding the species, how to identify/markings/colors, a good picture or two of the specimen and water parameters that are needed or required to keep them.

More details below on the each of the sections.

The Aquarium
  • This is a big first section that covers nearly everything you'll need to know to get up and running.
  • Equipment Choices, the invertebrate aquarium, the fish-only aquarium, the combination aquarium, the basic algae scrubber, technical equipment and systems, choosing a tank, the bottom substrate, aquarium backgrounds and decorations
  • The aquarium water is one of the most important components in a saltwater aquarium and getting your parameters correct is crucial.
  • Seawater, salt water (mixes), composition of seawater, water treatment - reverse osmosis and deionization, making seawater and measuring salinity
  • Water treatment in the aquarium, biological filtration (aerobic, anaerobic and algae scrubbers), external trickle filters (not really used much anymore), filtration media (both synthetic and natural), water movement, pumps, foam fractionators (protein skimmer), ozone activated carbon, diatom filters, UV sterilizer, ion exchangers, calcium reactor, temperature control and aquarium lighting.
  • Another big chapter that will help you sort through the various pieces of equipment used in a saltwater aquarium setup or marine reef tank setup. Some items you'll find very beneficial and other items can be skipped for the initial setup (calcium reactor, uv sterilizer for example)
  • Nitrogen (the nitrogen cycle), Phosphate, Silicon, Copper, trace elements, the marine buffering system, redox potential, yellow pigments (Gilvin), aquarium test kits and controllers.
Setting Up / Care Algae
  • Most hobbyists have had to deal with algae at one time or another. This section provides some really good information and pictures on most of the macro algae that you'll find in a marine aquarium.
Invertebrates Fishes

These Baensch Marine Atlases are massive, loaded with information and expensive but definitely worth it if you find marine aquarium keeping as fascinating as I do. I can never get enough good information and even though it is a bit dated, I still give this book 5 stars. 5 stars

Author : Mike FishLore

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