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On this page you will find our collection of freshwater fish forum avatars that you can use for your forum profile. Please, feel free to use them. That's what they're here for. We are always making more so check back often for freshwater fish avatars.

How To Use the Freshwater Fish Avatars
To use these gifs or jpegs in your forum profile, simply copy the link in the text box and paste it into your forum profile. Sometimes you're presented with an option to use a personalized picture, enter the link into the appropriate text box on your forum profile page.

Freshwater Fish Avatars

FishLore FishLore
Silver Dollar Fish Silver Dollar Fish
Red Tail Shark Red Tail Shark
Marbled Hatchetfish Marbled Hatchetfish
Angelfish Freshwater Angelfish
Angelfish Mugshot Freshwater Angelfish Mugshot
Albino Corydoras Catfish Corydoras Catfish
Betta Betta
Female Betta Female Betta
Watermelon Colored Betta Watermelon Betta
Red Betta Red Betta
Neon Tetra Neon Tetra
Head of Plecostomus Pleco Head
Bloodfin Tetra Bloodfin Tetra
Red Guppy Red Guppy
Yellow Guppy Yellow Guppy
Rainbow Shark Rainbow Shark
Cherry Barb Cherry Barb
Dwarf Gourami Dwarf Gourami
Koi Koi
Red Velvet Swordtail Red Velvet Swordtail
Serpae Tetra Serpae Tetra
Goldfish Goldfish
Bala Shark or Silver Shark Bala Shark or Silver Shark
Black Neon Tetra Black Neon Tetra
Yellow Cichlid Yellow Cichlid
Cichlid Cichlid
Kissing Gourami Kissing Gourami
Gold Barb Gold Barb
glowlight Tetra glowlight Tetra
Discus Fish Discus Fish
Convict Cichlid Convict Cichlid
Buenos Aires Tetra Buenos Aires Tetra
Columbian Shark Columbian Shark
Clown Loach Clown Loach Image Credit: Tom (FishLore member)
Columbian Shark Columbian Shark Image Credit: Tom (FishLore member)
Red Betta Red Betta Image Credit: Tom (FishLore member)

Saltwater Fish Forum Avatars

Author : Mike FishLore

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