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Aquarium Fish Articles Author Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting articles for the Fish Lore Online Aquarium Magazine. Our magazine is one that is entirely written by hobbyists. At this time, article author's submit aritlces pro bono. In other words, there is no payment for these articles. Authors share their articles for the sole purpose of educating and helping other hobbyists.

Why would someone want to write articles for FREE?

Well, for one you would be developing a name for yourself in the hobby. Maybe you have future plans for working in the fish and aquarium hobby. This would be a great start.

You are helping others. Quite simply, there is no greater gift than your time. By taking the time to help others in this hobby you are providing an incredible service for the rest of us, your time and knowledge.

The good feeling that overcomes you knowing that you may be helping to save fish, invertebrate and coral lives by spreading knowledge.

What we are NOT looking for

  • Articles that are already published on the internet.
  • Articles that have not been proofread, i.e. typos, grammatical errors, capitalization and punctation issues, etc
  • Articles that can be construed as inaccurate or potentially harmful to the fish, invertebrates or any of our other forms of aquatic life that we keep
  • Articles on topics unrelated to our website and magazine
  • Articles and pictures that are copyrighted by others can not and will not be used on

What We ARE Looking For

  • Unique, never before published articles
  • Detailed Fish, Invertebrate and Coral (coral families) Profiles, not just the standard listing of the scientific name with recommended water parameters. The truly useful profiles are those that list not only the required water parameters, but also anecdotal stories or experiences with this species.
  • Beginner Articles - from tank setup articles to tips and advice on various intro topics that would be of interest to those just starting out in the hobby
  • Advanced Articles - from keeping larger or harder to keep species to articles on the various water parameters or other advanced topics.
  • Humorous Articles - light and humorous articles are great to break up the sometimes dry subject matter that we must cover. These articles can be totally fabricated fictional works that are written to be satirical or those written to get a laugh.
  • DIY articles on ways for hobbyists to make their own equipment safely, effectively and inexpensively
  • Idea articles - articles that question or test convential wisdom or articles that present new ideas for hobbyists to consider

Provide References if any references are used

If you get any of your information from a secondary source, it is very important to be sure and document the source(s) of your information and include a references section at the end of your article for others to check out if interested.

Do NOT Plagiarize

It is very easy to identify plagiarized articles using copyscape and or a search engine. Article authors realize how difficult it can be to write good content and having it stolen is a disservice to these authors that provide all of us with good content.

Include Photos

Including one or several supporting photos for your article can be a great way to break up the text and make your article easier on the eyes. Photos MUST be your own or you must have secured permission from the copyright holder in order for us to use them in your article.

Provide an Author Bio

Please make sure that you've included a brief author bio at the bottom of the article. This can be a name (forum names are fine), experience in the hobby, what you like about the hobby, or whatever else you think is pertinent for your bio.

Where to send the articles

Send aquarium related articles to magazine at We prefer to recieve them in text format but it really comes down to what is easiest on the author. If you would rather use something like Microsoft Word to type up your article, by all means do so and then send the word document as an attachment to the email.

Thanks for helping your fellow hobbyists!

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