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Greetings! Thank you for nominating me for spotlight member this month, as much as a surprise to me, I accepted. As a new comer to fish keeping I tip toed a fine line of my inner philosophy of beliefs that if any living thing required either a cage or a tank, it should not be kept confined as a pet. I kept my beliefs in check as I watched my sister (capekate) become an aquarist. I also observed her fish, their habitat, their behavior, and found myself pleasantly surprised by their antics, personalities and of their grace all while confined to a tank.

Yes, I was becoming a fan of fish. The idea of fish keeping was growing an interest in me. The number one priority for me in order to become an aquarist was to obtain the quality of care and habitat they deserved. My plan was to go forward slowly, research constantly and do my very best for my finned friends.

My years working as a mate aboard a fishing vessel (even then I put back into the sea a small quota of fish without being caught, lest I would be thrown overboard) made the transition into fish keeping a bit awkward and rightly so. I since left the fishing vessel for a lobster vessel. I know, but don't most of us consume cod, flounder and lobster?

My first fish is Sully, my male plakat betta. He, of course, picked me as his aquatic parent. He amazed me, dazzled me, charmed me, and is my teacher of the trials, tribulations, and joys of fish keeping. His ordeal of over 28 days of Swim Bladder disorder, not willing to eat, pathetically floating, and swimming sideways, kept my research, prayer's, FishLore posts, and vigilance in high gear. He is remarkable and teaches me still, patience and commitment. (he is doing well with the occasional symptoms of his swim-bladder disorder).

Sully the Betta

My 2nd betta, (and there is always a second betta, correct?) unfortunately, came at a time when Sully became gravely ill. Murray, my baby HMBF betta, was adopted by my sister because as a new 'fish parent' I felt inadequate to care for him while blaming myself for Sully's illness, and not being knowledgeable in the proper care of fish. I devoted more time to research and now realize that fish keeping comes with experience, although sometimes heartbreaking, it most always will be joyfully pleasant and fascinating.

Red Betta

Platy fish were introduced in a natural progression and they soon multiplied rather quickly (a no brainer there!). I now have a k-zillion fry in the process of growing healthy in order to be transported to my LFS. Much to my surprise, Platy's are gorgeous fish with an excellent ability to exhibit their unique personalities.


My Future Plans

I would like to transition, in the future, to saltwater fish keeping. I would also like to progress into the use of solar energy to generate power for the filters, pumps, heaters, lights, etc.
  • My priorities are to put into place the availability for all tanks to function during any power outages or emergences.
  • advocate water quality/parameter importance (the ACE of fish keeping)
  • educate the undesirable loss of fish due to breeding without considering or realizing their full requirements and needs
  • stress the unhealthy effects of over-feeding fish
  • to become a better fish keeper

My Tanks

29 gallon established Platy tank and fry. They are fed New Life Spectrum OPTIMUM fresh H2O flakes, frozen baby-brine shrimp, brine shrimp, spirulina brine shrimp, daphnia. The Platy's are fed 3x's a day, small amounts at each feeding.

29 gallon established male Platy tank

5 gallon betta tank

I have Amazon Sword and Anubia plants among the driftwood and silk plants.

Aquarium Aquarium 2

As this fish keeping experience has delighted me, baffled me, and occasionally frustrated me, I want to thank my sister (capekate) for her endearing patience and repetitive answers to my repetitive questions, NITRATE IS not THE process of the CYCLE happens this way... Your the best Kate.. To my significant other for assistance with the water changes, the support and interest in my fish, for fish-sitting while I was away and for ALL the FISHLOREANS who answered my questions, gave me the opportunity to do the same, and came to my assistance with understanding and compassionate support. You all are too many to name, and to name a few would be injustice. Thank you, with all my heart!....Mare2009

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