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Hello there!

Well, first off, my name is John and I am obsessed with cephalopods and all sorts of marine sciencey goodness. Always have been. That's probably how I ended up here in grad school perusing a degree in marine science (...if only there were funding to actually study cephalopods, then my life would be complete). Now that that's out of the way, onto my fish keeping!

I want say it all started when my father first set up a 29 gallon tank at home when I was young. But I'd be lying since I really didn't show much interest in it back then. Though looking back now, I cannot not even count the number of horrible mistakes we made with that tank.

Since my undergrad research, I've been working in fish labs taking care of and breeding fish, so I thought I was experienced. It wasn't until last summer though that, out of boredom and a slight inquisitive interest, I decided to set up a tank back in my room. A measly 10 gallon tank, but that didn't stop me from screwing everything up with it. So I began to research what to do, since apparently this hobby was more difficult than I imagined. And that's how I came to FishLore!

Once I got the 10 gallon tank under control I started having bigger ambitions. The 10 was decorated in cliche neon blue gravel fashion with Greek columns and temples (hey, I'm Greek, so at least my mother was proud). I wanted something more natural, so unto the 30g. A lovely tank, if I may say. All my tanks are now planted.

But then all you betta enablers here on FishLore had to twist my arm and force me to get a 5 gallon. Pure coercion on your part, you fishy tricksters. And I can say the same about you puffer enablers (for which the 10g got replaced with a 15). So now my bedroom sits as a bed surrounded by fish tanks and not an outlet to spare. But...then I discovered Craiglist and FreeCycle so the obvious MTS did not stop. My office now has a 35g and a 45g.

My tanks:

  • 5g - Mustard Gas Betta male

  • 15g - Figure 8 puffer

  • 30g - Neon Rainbows, Corys, Amano Shrimp and more Endler's than I'd like to admit

  • 35g - Angels, Congo tetras, Bolivian Rams

  • 45g - Cardinal tetras (in the works - it's a group effort with my officemate)

Aquarium Pictures

angelfish aquarium aquarium aquarium room betta corydoras gourami puffer fish puffer fish 2 ram cichlid rainbow fish

Future Plans
My future plans certainly include more tanks, specifically, at least a 125g+ for an Oscar pair, 55g+ community and many more smaller tanks for puffers and betas. Add two cats in there and a few more years till I can move out of my crumby apartment.

So "thank you" to whomever nominated me for this spotlight and a bigger "thanks" to all those on this wonderful forum for all the advice and support. And obscenely large thanks to Mike for keeping up with the magazine and site despite the sudden server troubles. May all of you never have camallanus worms.

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