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Yah it's going 2 be amazing.

By: FearTheFishies

DIY Aquarium FilterOk so back story. I have running a 5 gallon tank with 3 danios, a tank kit that was given to me by a friend in January this year. My first introduction into fish keeping I originally had 6 of the little zebras but I had a sudden problem, I don't know what, and 3 committed fishy suicide via the cheap filter), and I wasn't really happy with the filter. It was too noisy, and in my opinion, wasn't providing enough biological filtration. So I thought to myself why not try and build my own aquarium filter? So thus I "hit the books" and did a little research and learned what I could about filtration and I came up with this design. This is not the design that I'm using currently (I found it somewhat bulky for the tank size) but is an excellent quarantine filter if kept running while the tank is cycling or excellent for an additional filter in a larger freshwater system.

This filter uses bio filtration.

  • 1 - Butter Tupperware tub
  • 1 - Butter Tupperware tub full of rocks (don't fill past rim)
  • 1 - 20 oz. soda bottle
  • 1 - Air hose enough to go from your air pump/gang valves to you tank
  • 1 - air stone
  • 1 - Pair of scissors
  • 1 - thumb tack
  • 1 - knife
Creating the filter
Step 1
First make sure that there is no buttery goodness left in the butter container. The fish probably wont like the taste as much as you would. Also at this time you should probably clean the rocks and the soda bottle.

Step 2
Take your butter container and pop off the lid. Take the lid and cut a hole in the center big enough for the mouth of the bottle to fit into. Next take the top and poke many small holes in the top of the lid with the thumb tack.

DIY Aquarium Filter

Step 3
Next take you soda bottle cut the mouth end of the soda bottle, so that the mouth sticks about 1 inch out of the top of the lid through the middle hole.

DIY Aquarium Filter

Step 4
Take your knife and poke a hole slightly smaller than the air hose in the lid of your container, feed the hose through it and connect the air stone to the hose.

Step 5
Now take your hose with the air stone and put it in the bottom of the container now take the bottle mouth and stick it through the hole and make sure the air stone is beneath it.

DIY Aquarium Filter

Step 6
Finally take off the lid leaving the air stone/hose with the bottle mouth in the container and fill in rocks around the bottle but none inside the bottle and and beneath the lip of the container. Put the lid on and connect the hose.

DIY Aquarium Filter

The way this filter works is that when the air bubbles float up through the mouth of the soda bottle it draws water with it. The water is thus sucked down through the holes in the lid and ammonia in the near vicinity where it is broken down by the bacteria that is growing on the surfaces of the rocks.

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