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Mutated Ghost Shrimp Mutated Ghost Shimp (Bsicus fictious sp. shrimpicus)
This rare result of genetic engineering is not recommended for beginners. If you thought all shrimp were safe, think again! The village of Zizzabatawatawata in Peru was ruthlessly exterminated by a mutated ghost shrimp on a rampage. This sad story could have been avoided if the owner of 'Tiny' had properly cared for him and not pissed him off by serving shrimp cocktails at a summer party.

Tank Requirements:
The MGS require tanks with a minimum of 500 gallons, but 1000 gallon tanks are a recommended minimum as the MGS are best kept in pairs. A triple canister filtration system with a special BioScrubTM attachment is necessary to properly handle the radioactive waste produced by the MGS. The lighting needs to be turned on from 9am to 9pm daily and should be 10,000K fluorescent bulbs.

Medications / Vitamins:
Thanks to their mutated DNA, the MGS is able to tolerate any meds. Dishsoap is recommended as a daily supplement to keep the exoskeleton shiny. Under no circumstances should any liquid vitamins products be used as they will cause the MGS to spontaneously combust.

The MGS will usually shed their exoskeletons twice a month. Level 4 radiation suits should be worn when disposing of the exoskeletons to prevent extra arms from growing out of your stomach. Your bio-dumpster should be stocked with a mixture of 25% cow poop and 75% pigeon poop to safely dissolve the radioactive exoskeleton.

Daily additions of cocoa powder (1 ounce per 100 gallons) help keep the aggressive nature of the MGS under control. A strict diet of 2 kittens per day will keep your MGS in good health. (NOTE: The kittens should be dried on the delicate cycle of any standard clothes dryer and folded 3 times to promote better digestion by the MGS)

In Case of Escape:
Should your MGS escape his tank, get away as fast as you can. Once they're out of the water, they have an insatiable taste for human flesh. They can suck the skin off a sumo wrestler in 5 seconds! Don't bother with family members, they'll probably already have been tasty snacks... so run, run, run! shocking

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