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Welcome to the first issue of FishLore's Online Fish and Aquarium Magazine. Several members have asked about having a magazine for a while now. I always hesitated since I didn't think that there would be enough members interested in reading a monthly magazine and because I didn't have the time to write a magazine every month. Alas! Our trusty members have come through again and not only were they still interested in a magazine, but they were also volunteering to write the articles. How could I say no?

This online aquarium magazine consists of articles written by hobbyists for hobbyists. We hope to be able to make it a monthly magazine but that will really depend on the contributions from the FishLore members. This first issue really shaped up nicely and hopefully that is an indicator of things to come.

This month we have a Kuhli Loach profile written by Tom and Sabi. Dino was nominated for member of the month, Sirdarksol has written a beginner's article, Atm writes about aquarium air pumps, the resident DIY'er Tim has written a DIY (Do It Yourself) article, Dave provides us with some humor and the turn out for the photo contest was pretty good. Click on the respective pages below for more information on each of these topics.

Thank you to the members that wrote articles for this issue. Without their contributions there wouldn't be a magazine. And to all the Fish Lore Members - thank you for making our hobby and FishLore fun, exciting and always interesting.

So, go grab a cold beverage, take a load off for a little while and browse the magazine. Give us your thoughts, comments and questions on the Forum.

If you're interested in writing an article to share with your fellow aquarium hobbyists you can send them in to "magazine at fishlore dot com" or you can PM Me (Mike) on the forum.

Best Regards,

September 2007 Fish Magazine - Table of Contents

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