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Article Stats for September 2008

Some of the article authors, myself included, were interested in what kind of web page statistics we could come up with that would show article views. These stats are only for the aquarium magazine section and only for the month of September, 2008. I can get these types of statistics on a monthly basis only. It'd be cool to see an "all time" stats page, but we don't have something like that.

Here is a breakdown of the columns:

  • Views - how many times the article was viewed.
  • Average Size - how big the page is in kb.
  • Entry - I believe this is visitors coming to the page from search engines.
  • Exits - the number of people that leave the website from this page. May be a good indicator to show how many visitors continue to other parts of the site after reading an article.
At the bottom of this table, there is an "others" row. This is for all the other pages (not in the aquarium magazine section) on the website.

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