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Fish Lore Magazine Introduction - October 2007 Issue

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Wow, what a month this has been! We've had much going on around FishLore this past month with some major enhancements. For starters, we upgraded the forum software to hopefully help the increased loads we've been experiencing as FishLore continues to grow. This new software should also make it easier on me to add new features as we move forward as well. There is also a new photo gallery that is more closely coupled with the forum software too. This new photo software also has throttling capabilities to lessen the load on the servers and it comes with a few extra features that the previous gallery didn't have. There is a "how to" on how to post your photos to the new gallery, but nothing very detailed yet. I'm working on it and hope to have it uploaded soon.

We decided to mix it up a little and instead of one member spotlight, we want to start having multiple member spotlights. With over 4,000 members, we have so many great members that only having one per month seemed silly. This month we have member spotlights on Chickadee (Rose) and Butterfly (Carol). Hopefully, we can continue to get great spotlights on more members as we continue.

For the DIY'ers out there, Tim has written an incredibly detailed two-part article on how to build your own aquarium and stand. The first part (in this issue) deals with the building of the stand. For the Betta lovers, Tom has written a profile on the Mahachai Betta and Sabi has an article on how to breed Bettas. Sirdarksol continues his fishkeeping beginner series with the second installment on basic equipment and various extras. Tim's second article this month is an interesting read on having a planted aquarium. Atm contributed an article on a piece of equipment that is becoming more popular - colored aquarium lights.

Another great turnout of articles from our regular contributors. Thank you to the article authors for making the magazine a reality and to the FishLore members for making this place always interesting!

Best Regards,

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