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What is it?
Colored aquarium lighting is lighting that is different colors such as white, red, blue, and green. Colored aquarium lights are usually used to simulate moon lighting, illuminate the tank at night to observe nocturnal creatures, and for decorative purposes.

Where Can I get one?
They are commonly available on online sites and can sometimes be found in pet stores. Usually they are much cheaper online though.

What are the Purposes?
White aquarium lights tend to be used as natural moonlights. Blue lights also can be used as moonlights but white is thought to be more natural. Moonlighting is a term given to lighting that simulates the glow a moon gives off at night. It can help stimulate reproduction in some corals and other invertebrates, even a few select fish and creates a more natural environment. Blue lighting can also be used as purely decoration purposes. Red lighting can be used to view nocturnal creatures without disturbing then since it seems that most can not see red light. You also can use the lights during the day to create different types of features in your tank. An example is putting one by a air stone and shining the light upwards creating blue, green, or red bubbles.

What types are there?
The store bought colored lighting is LED. If you are a DIY type of person you may hook up colored lighting using other items. Some LED fixtures are submersible while others clip onto the side of the tank and yet others go on or into the hood.

Lunar Lights Moon White
Aqua Color Lights 1" diameter x 2" long Color: Blue
Blue-Moon-Glow 1" x 1" x 6-1/2" high
Micro LED Lights Single LED Light 1-3/4" x 2-3/4" Color: Blue
Coralife 3/4 Watt light
Coralife 1 Watt light

These are some commonly found colored aquarium lights online and in stores. Drs. Foster and Smith and Big Al's are not the only places to find them online, there are also many other stores you may purchase them including aquabid and ebay.

Review of Marina Micro LED light
Pros-Submergible, easy to setup, able to mix colors, not terribly expensive, 12 adjustable points to move the light, small and easy to hide/blend in Cons-Does not come with a ac adapter except in the color white, must buy a hub to use them but are able to connect three light units to a hub

I have the Marina micre LED lights and I do enjoy them. The catch on them is to operate them, you need to also buy a hub unit. You may attach three lights to one single hub though. You can also but a white light with a ac adapter, but only the color white. I like this light because they are easy to position in your aquarium, and once they are suctioned cupped on the wall, you may move the light up or down.

Lunar Lights Moon White Review (by Isabella)
The reason I like these white moon lights is because they give a really natural moon light glow to my tank at night. The color is what makes the lights look very natural. I believe "blue" and "reptilian red" would make my tank look "fake". And I like anything that is closest to nature in its look. So, these moon white lights are the best I could find in this respect I have them mounted a few inches over my tank. This makes them look like a real gentle moon light, instead of stronger "spot-like" lights. The moon in nature does not look like spot lights, does it, lol.

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