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Fish Tank Hi my name is Sherry or SWilkins as I am seen on the forum. I am really honored to be chosen for a member spotlight and I want to thank you all for that. I am a mother of two grown children, five dogs, and I lost count of the fish, shrimp, and snails a long time ago. I have been around animals all of my life and I plan to be around them for the rest of my life if I have anything to do with it. We had an aquarium when we were growing up even though we knew nothing at the time about the nitrogen cycle. Thank goodness we have learned a lot since then. My son and daughter grew up with aquariums around most all of the time and they were taught about the nitrogen cycle and how important it is for healthy fish.

Many of you know we have just recently finished our fish room in our home especially since you all had to hear about it as it was going on. We have freshwater tanks ranging from 75 gallons on down to 10 gallons and there are 40+ of them up and running right now. I would not even know where to begin listing my water parameters on these since it would take pages but they are all well within a normal range.

I have guppies, mollies, cichlids of many kinds (too many to list), catfish, shrimp, and snails. I have had several different colors of shrimp, some that worked out well and some that did not. I have some gorgeous angel fish some of which came from members of FishLore and these are definitely fascinating fish to just sit and watch. I am learning about African cichlids now and boy is there a lot to learn in that category.

I have been raising Jack Dempsey's for years now and I am really working hard to get a stronger Electric Blue strain going now. There is a 10 gallon tank full of Dempsey fry that are about a month old that could show their color any day now. It was unplanned but I have been raising peppered cories for a few months now, those little cories did all of that by themselves. I have raised mystery snails for years and I love the different colors some with stripes and some without. I plan to continue with the Jack Dempsey's, the mystery snails, the cories if they participate, and maybe one day raise an angel fish or two if the ones I have will stop eating their eggs and maybe hatch them instead.

Fish Photos
Angelfish Angelfish 2 Livebearers

I have made some great friends on FishLore and I am so grateful to have them in my life whether we are talking about a serious fish subject, just joking around online, at an auction, or at a gathering of some sort. I have to really thank my hubby, Tommy for being so understanding when it came to my hobby/obsession and then he came to love it too, and a great big thank you to Tommy and Michael for all of their hard work on the fish room.

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