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Hi! Wow, I'm so excited I got nominated! Okay well first thing first, I'm Angelfish220 on fishlore, usually called Angelfish or just Angel. (Which is kind of ironic because at the moment I don't have any angelfish, I just really want them). So I got hooked on fish really by accident. I had a turtle named Tay (Tay now resides at a neighbor's house in a 250 gallon tank, and loving every minute!) and got her a bigger tank. So I had an extra tank and I always thought fish were pretty, so I decided I might as well get some fish. So the next time we went to the local Wal-Mart I got a fancy guppy, a couple of mollies, and a single white skirt tetra. Let's just say I knew absolutely nothing! But one day I saw little white spots all over my fishes and I say 'Hey that's not normal!' Then I commenced in a world wide search and Voila! Fishlore!

Outside fishlore I am a (basically) normal high-school teenager. I really enjoy music, singing and play a variety of instruments (trumpet, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, and piano). I am in our high school marching band and drama club and book club. I really enjoy reading, fiction and nonfiction (if it's nonfiction you can be 99% sure it's a fish book) I would have to say my favorite book is Ted Dekker's trilogy of Black Red and White. I am also very involved in our church and love memorizing scripture.

Today I have four tanks, a 30 gallon acting as a hospital/quarantine/extra tank; a split 10 gallon that houses two "Wal-Mart rescue" bettas named Phantom (the white one) and Murphy (the red); I have a 55 gallon 'show tank' that will eventually hold a trio of angels, along with the platys, danios and silver tipped tetras already held in it. I would also like to get a pleco of some sort for this tank (willing to accept ideas!).

Other animals I have include a variety of Ducks and rabbits as well as 2 dogs and a handful of cats (we live on a farm, so life without animals isn't really an option.).

As you might have realized I didn't mention the last tank in my tank listings, as its rightful place is in my future plans. I picked up a 1.5 gallon tank at a good will as of late, and I want to make this a planted nano (no fish for size issues obviously but a trio of cherry shrimp or something of the sort is in mind.)

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