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Well I guess is time for me to talk a little about me. My real name is Angel (navyscuba on Fishlore's forum) Nothing out of the ordinary, I was born on the Westside of the island of Puerto Rico. I'm married and have two wonderful girl's one is 1 and the other one is 2 years old. Expecting the Baby boy in July of this year. Well also part of the family are two dogs a 2 year old Weimaraner (Hunter), 1 year old Longhaired Chihuahua (Biscuit), and a few other pets including a cat (Merlin), two Ball Python snakes (Autum and Jake), two guinea pigs (Honey bun and Sugar pie) and 12 Rats (8 babies and 4 adults). I'm in the U.S. Navy since 2002. Did 1 deployment onboard an aircraft carrier.

I have been involved with fish since the age of two or so. I had my first aquarium with goldfish that my Mom and Dad got for me. Until one day my dad brought home some crabs and put them in the tank - bye, bye fish. Since then I had in one way or another interest in fish. When I was in middle school I got another tank, a 20 gallon that my mom got for me for my birthday. Of course neither She or I knew about the nitrogen cycle. In that tank I had some ID sharks, koi fish, guppies, mollies, then I got myself a 10 gallon and put my little ones there. So I had to move and go to college, so gave away my fish and believe it or not the tanks and filters and all are still at my Mom's.


I have 4 tanks actually set up at the moment. The first is a Marineland Eclipse 3 with two Bettas and a few snails. I feed them peas, blood worms and daphnia. Temperature is 81 F, pH is 7.4, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, 10 Nitrates. Light and filter are included with the set up.

The second tank is a 10 gallon tank with fry fish on it from my community tank. Silver Mollies, Platys, and Creamcicle Lyretail mollies, one Cory catfish and a few snails. Feed them dried flake food 2 times a day and brine shrimp. Temp is 79, ph is 7.4, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, 20 Nitrates. CFL lights, Marineland 50 watts heater, and Top Fin 30 Filter. 2 months set up.

The third tank is a 55 gallon community tank with a common Pleco, Silver Mollies, Platys, green Cory's, Loach, Angelfish, Australian Rainbow fish, and Tetras. Feed them dried flake food 2 times a day and brine shrimp. Temp is 80 F, ph is 7.4, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, 0 Nitrates. Light is a 48" Sun-Glo, Emperor 400 filter and Marineland Stealth 250w heater. 4 months set up.

The Fourth one is a 100 gallon tank with African Cichlids and a common Pleco. Red Zebras, Yellow Tails, Electric Blues and Ussiyas. Feed them 2 times a day homemade food a combination of Peas, Broccoli, Shrimp, Brine Shrimp, Vitamins and spirulina. Temp is 80 F, ph is 8.0, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, 0 Nitrates. Two 24" Sun-Glo, Marineland Magnum 350, HOT Magnum, and a 300w Marineland Deluxe Heater. One month set up.

Aquarium Pictures

10 Gallon Fry Tank 100 Gallon African Cichlid Tank
Fish Tank Red Betta

Future Plans

On my future I may move to Tennessee and get a larger property and get me a huge room to put all my tanks there and maybe run a Fish Store. I want to get into the salty side of the aquarium world but not until I get space. I want to thank my wife that is always helping me with everything. Of course all the guys from Fish Lore specially Shawnie, Lucy, Mike and all that in one way of another gave advice or ideas at one point or another to keep my addiction alive. J.

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