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Hello my name is Natalie. Most of you know me on here aside from the newbies. I have been a member on fishlore now for a couple of years.

I started out with 1 Betta, Mr. Red. I bought him at petsmart and I believe he was about 6 months to a year already when I bought him because he was a pretty big guy. I was very naive and didn't know any better because I had him living in a 1 gallon tank for 3 months, but he was very happy there for those 3 months and then he started showing his unhappiness and he was biting his tail. I had no idea that he was biting himself because he was unhappy at the time. I wanted to know why so I started looking around on the internet to find any answers and thats when I came across fishlore on google. I decided to click on the link and check it out and found it very interesting. So I joined and posted my first post right away asking about why my betta was destroying his tail. Rose helped my out right away and with in a week he was in a 5 gallon hex with a filter and heater. He became a very happy guy again.

The Bettas

Of course I wanted to treat his tail because it had gotten infected with fin rot so I had asked Rose what the best rememdy was to use for that and she told me about melafix, little did she know that it was actually very dangerous for our betta friends, but of course neither did I. Two months later she had learned that Melafix was highly dangerous for betta because it destroyed their labrynth organ and it caused them to get very sick causing them to not breathe very well through their organ. When I read the post she put up about it I called my husband and told him right away to put a activated carbon filter in there to get the medicine out and when I got home I did 100 percent water change. He was not doing good at all because of this medicine and he died a month later, but it was a very slow and suffering death for him and I swore to myself that I would never use that stuff again. It was very sad because Rose had been using it on her betta Marty and when she found out she did the same thing I did. But by then, just like with Mr. Red, it was too late. Marty died and then a couple days later Mr. Red died following.

After Mr Red I had bought another betta from Petsmart which I named Royell and I only had him for a month. I had him in a quarantine tank for 2 weeks and he looked and acted healthy as can be. He was so happy, building these huge bubblenests and all. Then I felt he was ready to go in with his otocinclus friends in the 5 gallong hex and a couple days later he started showing signs of bloating. I thought maybe he was constipated, so I fed him some peas for a couple days, but instead of going down he was getting bigger. I immediatley thought "Oh no he has dropsy". I went on fishlore right away and posted about him and got some help. I treated him and used aquarium salt to get the bloating down and then he had gotten some bad ulcers from the salt after ahwile, but they had fallen out after a couple days and he healed from those. He beat the dropsy after 14 days of having it and my being persistent with his treatments and water changes, but he was still very weak. He started eating again and getting up a little bit of energy. He was real fighter.

A couple days later he grew weak again and stopped eating and showing symptoms of another disease which I did research on and found out that he had hole in head disease. By the time I found out what it was he had it was too late. He had passed away. It just broke my heart when he died because I tried so hard to keep him alive and his will of survival was so strong. He never gave up. He and I grew such a strong bond with each other in just the short time I had him.I felt I had to get him a namesake.

Then came along my first RJ which never even made it home. I had a horrible experience of buying him off aquabid and the lady I bought him from would not listen to me about the weather conditions. It was still spring, but our temps at the time were pretty hot here in AZ and she didn't believe me. I had asked her to pack an ice pack in with him instead of a heat pack and she didn't. I also asked her to send him over night and I'd pay her the difference. She wouldn't do that either. A week later he arrived at my bosses house on a Saturday and she called me up for me to come get him and he was DOA because of the hot weather. I was so angry with the seller for not listening to me. I threatened to give her a negative feedback for not listening and doing what I asked her to do and she begged me not to and she said she would give me a full refund of the money.I told her she should replace the fish at no cost to me instead and she refused to do that. She just sent me my money back and I ended up giving her a neutral feed back because at least she did that much.

I went on another search for another RJ and found one that Miami aquariums had emailed me. So I bought him and I received him that weekend I bought him and he arrived safe and alive. I still have him a year later. He's doing great. I have him living in a 2.5 gallon tank. He is a feisty guy who doesn't like anyone in his tank, but him. I do once in awhile put the oto cats in his tank to clean the algae off when it gets to be too much and he doesn't like it much when they are in there. Lucky for him they work fast.

I also have a coral red female betta. Her name is pebbles. She lives in a 3 gallon currently with 2 of my oto cats Fred and Bam-Bam. They will be moving into my 5 gallon with my other oto scooter and my newest betta Miles. Pebbles is a sweet heart. She loves her oto friends. I've had her for just about a year now too. I got her a couple months after I got Rj.

Last but certainly not least my delta tail Betta Miles. I named him Miles because it he traveled for 5 days from NY city a couple weeks ago and arrived very much alive and well. He's the sweetest male red Betta I have ever met. He's 3 months old, so I'm sure as he gets older that feistyness will come out as it always does in a red Betta. I recently bought hime a new 5 gallon tank. He was living in a 5 gallon hex tank and I wanted him to have more horiozontal room to swim, so I bought him this corner unit and I must say he loves it so much better.

Future Plans

In the future I do plan on getting a larger tank like a 29 gallon tank or something to have a community tank. I love having fish. They are great fun to watch and at the same time a wonderful stress reliever also.

Finally Fishlore has been so wonderful to be a part of. If it weren't for everyone on this site I probably wouldn't be where I am right now with my Bettas. I want to thank everyone who as ever helped me through my time of crisis with a few of my fish.

Well thats my story and I'm stickin to it!

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