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Drea's Chihuahuas Greetings Fish Lore Members!

My name is Andrea (Drea), I live in Michigan with my husband Mike, my son Eric, Abbie-10yrs, Alex-8yrs, Archie-8yrs and our Chihuahuas. A picture of the dogs is in my pictures here at the Forum (and at right).

I can't remember when I started fishkeeping, best guess is in 2002. At that time there were 5 tanks, all started one after the other. In my office at work was a 6 gallon bookshelf that was home for Sparky. Co-workers thought me goofy for having a fish, yet I would continually find them in my office talking to Sparky if I stepped away. At home was a 30 gallon community tank with an Angelfish "Baby", neon tetras, kuhli loaches "Gus and Gloria", and "Butch" the apple snail.

A 10 gallon had 4 African cichlids that a co-worker gave to me. I can't remember all the species names. I do remember their "names"... Checkers, Sunny, Turk, and Zip. They were all beautiful, yet difficult to keep with their aggressive behaviors. I found an adoptive home for the last of them "Sunny" a great spectacle of a yellow Lab.

Paradise Gourami In the kitchen at home was a corner Eclipse tank for a bubble-eye goldfish named Bubbles. In the dining room area was "Barney" a purple male VT betta.

Then came August 2004 and a rear end collision to my SUV while making a sales call at a Ford Motor plant. Now, I have a chronic pain condition in my back. It's not easy taking care of just 2 tanks. My hubby helps me with them. There were times when my tanks were very important in maintaining my sanity after I was terminated from my job. My pets have been a blessing in many ways, being able to nurture and care for them.

Future plans for us are unfortunately not going to allow a fish keeping hobby. Plans are to purchase a 36 ft. RV to live in year 'round. I need to be able to leave the cold winters in Michigan, and lots of stairs in our condo. But even though not engaged in fish keeping I will want to keep in touch with the Fishlore forum.

Of one thing I am certain... being grateful for the Fish Lore forum. Many nights unable to sleep, I've been happy to read and contribute in posts. A welcome distraction from pain that sometimes does not respond to medication. Also,a long distance friend by way of daily e-mail messages, who lifts my spirits, and want to one day pay her a visit.

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