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Oh, where to start! My name is Greg, and I live in Knoxville, Tennessee, home of the Tennessee Volunteers, hence the user name utkgreg. My interest in fish keeping stems from my childhood. My dad is a factory worker who often times has had to pull long hours to make ends meet. I remember him coming home and watching the fish in our 30 gallon tank at the time. It was his release; it rejuvenated him. I was soon allowed to have a 20 gallon in my room. I kept the 20 gallon and maintained it myself from 8th grade until I left for college. For some strange reason (probably a focus on the interest of the opposite sex) I did not pick up the hobby again until about a year ago.

Recently, I took on a challenging role in my company, and found myself working long hours at a fast pace with a lot of stress. I happened to run across a used 55 gallon for sale and scooped it up. I quickly found the same potential for peace and rejuvenation that my dad had found in my youth. So, if one tank can be relaxing, how much more so could be two... four... seven... well, you get the idea!

When I find a new interest, I attack it - I dive in and immerse myself in the subject. I read, speak to experts, read, experiment, read, visit forums, read, and sometimes I read a little more. I love being perceived as a source of knowledge, as it is a doorway to help others. I am lucky enough to be a quick learner and good at retaining information. I will freely admit when I do not know something, but I always try to find out the answer so I will know the next time. I love inspiring those "light bulb" moments in others when they find a new passion or reach a milestone because of my help.

In May I will have been married for 10 years. My wife is very supportive of my hobby; she knows the sanity it brings to my life. She has told people before that she knows there have been times when being able to sit down and watch my fish in their world has made all the difference in mine. She has her own hobby; she is a "beader." She can do miracles with beads, creating jewellery works of art. She stays busy with orders from different people, and she has requests from a couple of galleries to start carrying her work.

90 gallon - Upgraded from 55 -Cichlids - Marineland C220, SunSun 304, AquaticLife 1W Led Unit 48". Kept at 82 degrees, pH around 7.8. Stock: 4 Bumblebees, 3 Red Zebras, 4 White Labs, 8 Greshakis, 4 Johannis, 4 Ob Peacocks, 5 clown loaches, 2 Albino Bristlenose Plecos

55 gallon - Cichlids Fluval 206, Sicce Whale 350, Stock T8's. Kept at 82 degrees; pH around 7.8 Stock: 3 Bumblebees, 3 Blue Aceis, 3 Red Zebras, 3 Yellow Labs, 2 Hongis, 2 Venustus, 1 Senegal Bichir, 1 Rainbow Shark, Mystery Snails, Nerite Snails, Marimo Balls

29 gallon - FW Community AquaClear 110, AquaticLife 1W led unit. ~74 degrees Stock: 2 Blue Gouramis, 2 Lavendar Gouramis, 6 Black Skirt Tetras, 3 Lemon Swords, 2 Albino Bristlenose Plecos, Anubis Nana, Amazon Sword, Wisteria

29 gallon - Reef AquaC Remora, DIY AquaClear 110 Refugium, CoraLife T5HO 30". Kept at 78 degrees; ~50 lbs live rock, 1.024 SG Stock: 2 Fancy clowns, Hector's Goby, Firefish, Green Spotted Mandarin, CUC, Kenya Trees, Mushrooms, Ricordeas, Green Star Polyps, Duncans, Xenia, Purple Gorgonian, Rock Flower Anemone, Toadstool Leather, Trumpets

28 gallon Reef - AquaC Remora, Large AquaFuge Refugium, AquaticLife Edge 24". Kept at 78 degrees; 1.024 SG. ~50 lbs live rock Stock: 2 Maroon clowns, 3 Rock Flower Anemones, CUC, Kenya Trees, misc Zoas, Red Gorgonian, Featherdusters, mushrooms, Duncans, Dragons Breath Macro

10 gallon Fry Grow-out - AquaClear 20, CFL lights; 82 degrees Currently hold 3 Hongi fry and 3 Red Zebra Fry

5 gallon Guppy fraternity - AquaClear 20, CFL lights; 74 degrees 3 male guppies

2.6 gallon Top Fin internal fitler, LED's; 80 degrees Stock:Aubrey the Double Tail Half-Moon Betta, Rili Shrimp, Mystery Snail, Marimo Balls, Anubis Nana

Freshwater Aquarium Freshwater Aquarium Freshwater Aquarium Freshwater Aquarium Reef Tank Reef Tank

Cichlids: Cichlids get fed twice a day to help with aggression. They are fed flakes in the morning. I typically rotate between Omega and KensFish. In the evening they are fed floating and sinking pellets - typically a rotation betweens KensFish and Hikari Cichlid Gold+. On Wednesday and Saturday evenings they get their bloodworm treat.

Freshwater - freshwater tanks get fed once per day with Wednesday fasts. Currently the get a mix of Aqueon flakes, Kensfish pellets and KensFish Algae Wafers

Marine - marine tanks are fed once daily. They get a feeding rotation of KensFish marine flakes, Formula One pellets, Formula Two frozen cubes and frozen mysis shrimp. Corals are on a rotation for CoralVite, Marine Snow, PhytoPlex, Zooplex, Microbe-Lift All-In-One.

Future Plans
I currently live in a condo, and have pretty well run out of room for large tanks. In the near future, I will most likely add a few smaller tanks to hold bettas or fry. At some point in the next 3-5 years I plan to buy another home. At that point, I want to get in to larger tanks. I would love to get up to the point of having some 200+ gallon tanks. I have come to realize that the African cichlids are my favorites. (I know you're not supposed to pick favorites amongst your kids, but I can't help it.) I will definitely pursue further opportunities to raise and breed these awesome fish!

Thanks first and foremost to my wife Stefanie, as she has allowed our home to be quickly overrun by aquariums of various shapes and sizes. As I'm writing this spotlight, I am about to go out of town on business for two weeks - she has even graciously agreed to take care of my aquatic children in my absence. Thanks to my dad for bringing me to a love of the hobby, and for always finding time to play basketball with us even after a long day. Thanks to all of my new found friends on FishLore - you have provided advice, wisdom, humor and camaraderie!

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