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Hi, my name is Traci (Redlessi on the forum). I grew up and still live in Philadelphia. I work at Temple University Hospital in Maternal Fetal Medicine wearing many hats as the administrative specialist. I am an only child and growing up I always had a pet of some kind, a dog, a cat, a fish tank, usually all at the same time. I got my first fish tank when I was 10 years old. Of course we knew nothing about the nitrogen cycle. Its amazing it lasted as long as it did. I always had a small goldfish tank for my son when he was growing up and about a year ago got another one. It was in a 3 gallon tank and when I upgraded him to a 10 gallon tank, I really thought I was doing something great for him. That was until I found Fishlore!! Soon after MTS sets in.

Next I got a 35 gallon tank with livebearers (guppies and platys) as I wanted the baby experience. Well that quickly grew overcrowded with fry which brought me to my 72 gallon bow front. After juggling tanks I finally have it situated. Now I spend countless hours watching my tanks and chatting on the forum. Let me not forget the Betta bug that I now have.


I have a 10 gallon tank where Bleu my betta lives alone.

10 gallon fish tank

My 35 gallon tank has Guppies, Platys, Danios, Otto's, Panda Cories and a Mystery Snail.

35 gallon fish tank

My 72 gallon bow front has Angels, Platys, Bolivian Rams, Cories, Neon Tetras, Otto's, a Flame Dwarf Gourami and a Mystery Snail.

72 gallon fish tank

Now my weekends include weekly water changes and tank maintenance. I try to keep my water parameters at ammonia 0, nitrites 0, and nitrates around 10-15. I have 2 aquaclear filters on each of the bigger tanks, all of them are heated and I usually do 2 small feedings a day in each tank. I have some java moss and hornwort in each tank that I got from some of our generous members.

Since finding Fishlore, I have learned a great deal about fish tank keeping. I realize it is much more than just a hobby. None of my friends or family keep fish (they think I am obsessed) so this forum is my lifeline as far as my tanks are concerned. As many of you know I have multiple issues (Bleu has fin rot that is finally looking better, and my 72 gallon has camallanus worms) that I am dealing with right now and without you guys it would be a nightmare.

My only future plans include adding on of Martinsmommy's bettas. I have an empty 10 gallon tank waiting for spring to come.


I would like to thank everyone that has shared their knowledge and experience with me especially Bolivianbaby, Shawnie , Lucy and Ken. You have helped me get to a point of confidence in that I can share with others as you have done for me. I would also like to thank the moderators for nominating me to share in the member spotlight.

I absolutely love this forum and its members!!

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