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Okay, here we go! I love art, design, and languages. My life plan is to go to the University of California, Berkeley and major in Marine Biology. Then I think I'd either go to San Diego or Australia, I haven't quite decided. In my free time I draw, mainly portraits. I also play piano and am looking into steel drums.

My first fish was a betta (in a bowl), in either first or second grade. I loved him, but I never remembered to feed him. Or clean his bowl. Eventually he died, (big surprise there) and I got another. After my second betta died, my mom was sick of caring for the fish herself, and I wasn't allowed to get another. After that, I sort of lost interest. Then one day I was in a Chinese restaurant with my mom, and I was looking at the fish tanks there, which were full of fish waiting to be eaten, and I realized- Hey! I like fish. My parents, however, are somewhat anti-pets, so it was sort of a challenge to convince them to let me have a tank.

The way I finally did it is actually an interesting story. My English teacher last year gave us an entire trimester to design and carry out a project of our choice. Some people wrote novels, some made movies, and one person organized a walkathon to support some charity in Africa. What was my project? To plan, buy, and set up a fish tank! I spent over three months extensively researching and designing the fish, plants, etc. I also had to raise money to pay for some things. I wrote a journal of my entire experience, and finally was able to go to my LFS and get the tank. I did know about the nitrogen cycle, but I went against my better judgment and listened to the fish store employee, and few days after it was set up added fish. They made it through, and are doing well.


As of now, I have a 20 gallon tank. It has a Power Whisper 50 filter with carbon, a sponge and biomax inside. My lighting is just the basic .75 WPG that came with the tank, but when I get live plants I will upgrade. My water parameters are basic- 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, under 5 nitrates. My temperature is around 76° F, and my pH is about 6.8. I do a 25-30 percent water change with gravel cleaning once a week. My quarantine tank is a 5 gallon hex, and is cycled with the same parameters above.


In my 20 I have 5 Brochis Splendens (Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Schnitzel, Ferdinand and Mickey) and 2 honey gouramis (Lady Florence Craye and Madeline Bassett). Two of the brochis I've had since the beginning, the rest were added about 2 weeks ago. My gouramis were added in September 2008. I also had two three line cories but they both died from unknown causes in November. Their names were Neufchatel and Chateaubriand. I feed a mix of regular flake food, algae pellets and special sinking pellets once a day, and am going to start bloodworms as soon as my local Petco gets them in stock. So far I haven't experienced any behavior problems amongst the fish, although Madeline Bassett does think she's a cory.


Elephant Nose Fish Dwarf Gourami
Corydoras Corydoras

Future Plans
Gosh, there are so many! What I really want at the moment is to take all the fish out of the 20, move them to a 15, and put 2 dwarf puffers and 3 to 4 ottos in the 20. And I really need to get around to planting my tanks. I also want to set up another bare-bones quarantine tank, and use the one I have now as a betta house. More long-term plans are a 55 or more gallon discus tank, with a huge school of three line cories, (because they're my favorite type) and eventually going over to the salty side. Though that probably won't happen until I move out.


To my mom and dad for putting up with my fishy obsession, to my grandparents who diligently feed my fish when we go on vacation, and to my best friend for teasing me just enough to make we want to continue this hobby, just to spite her. And to all the members of Fishlore, I'm not going to name names but you're all so helpful, and I really appreciate it.

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