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Clown Loach This is supposed to be about me, here goes. I like long walks on the beach, watching TV, oh, what's that Mike? Talk about my fish experience. Oops, my bad. So here goes the real fish experience. I have been keeping fish since I was about 2-3 years old and that was either with a goldfish or a betta in a goldfish bowl. I kept goldfish until I was about 7 when I got a 3 gallon hexagonal tank with an air hose and 2 zebra danios and an albino cory, they lived till I was about 10 when I stopped for about a year and then tried again with neon tetras, and I went through many of those because I didn't know about the nitrogen cycle.

I then got a 36 gallon tank from my uncle and my dad and I built a stand for it later that year. It was set-up completely in Jan/Feb 2006. I then got a 28 gallon hexagonal tank from another one of my uncles, and then a 10 gallon was bought to put all of my platy fry in.

After that, it has gone to one 5 gallon for fry, a 5 gallon nano saltwater tank and a bunch of 2-3 gallon tanks for bettas. I love the hobby because it teaches a young person about responsibility and the value of money when it comes to supplies. It is also relaxing to watch. For those who don't know, my name is really Thomas, but I go by Tom to every one.

I have the link with all my fish and my tanks and equipment and even water parameters.

For my future tanks I plan on having 5 thousand gallon tanks, and many 500 gallon tanks, scattered around the rest of my house. I also have a larger saltwater tank being made at the moment and it should be ready by the time this article is put out. Other than that, I don't think I have any other tanks.

Aquarium Photos

Angelish Betta
Guppy Damselfish
Blue Ram Cichlid Cardinal Tetras
Clown Pleco

I would have to say that 90 percent of my knowledge came from Fishlore and if it wasn't for all the great people on there,(Butterfly, ATMmachine, Mike, Dino, ChiefWaterChanger, Sabi, COBettaCouple, Chickadee, Cherryrose) just to name a few of the people that helped me out in the beginning.

There are quite a number of books, but it would take up numerous pages so I don't think it would be good if I had them all. Way too many books/magazines that I have read. Plus since about September of 2007, I joined the aquarium society in the city I live in. I think that pretty much wraps it up, so if you have any questions about anything, I know myself and the other great people on Fishlore would be able to answer them within a pretty good time.

Thanks for reading it, Tom

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