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Hello fellow Fishlorians, I would like to begin by thanking everyone for all of your help and support in my love of aquarium keeping, it means a great deal to me to be a part of this very special place.

My background would begin with me being born and raised here in my crazy, obnoxious, frantic though absolutely beautiful and wonderful NYC though was also fortunate to have had a small family lake house in the country to escape this great city to as a child. On my minibike, (small off road motorcycle) I would travel around the lake a lot looking for streams and swamps to find any and all creatures to take home to a few small tanks to keep for a short while to my mother's utter dismay. My father however, a chemist, would help me to research my catches of the day and encouraged my eccentric behavior then even allowed me to bring back a baby snapping turtle and some small fish to keep in a 30 gallon long tank back in the city. This was my first tank.

It wasn't until 1990 at university as a bio/chem major that I was reintroduced to aquariums when a professor of mine, who kept a 55 gallon SW tank in the lab, mentored me on starting my first real 55g FW tank in my dorm room. From then on I could not live for long without having an aquarium of some sort.

I seemed to always have never more or less than two tanks, one SW and the other FW to this day. Since joining Fishlore a number of months back I've been reworking the two tanks at a furious pace. This all started when I finished a gruelling 2 year frame up, nut and bolt restoration of a 1971 440 six-pack Plymouth RoadRunner which I bought at the age of 16 and have owned since. All the energy, love and passion that I used to restore my beloved car I have now directed at the research, study and hard work on my two tanks and I'm loving every minute of it.

The nitrate problem is really what started me in pursuing a planted refugium for the FW and then plumbing in a DIY 20g chaetomorpha algae refugium to the SW and I've been building on this momentum since. I have also been interested in keeping fish that are known for being difficult to feed, keeping successfully or even mixing and matching. I also enjoy cultivating my own food for my fish including Brine Shrimp, Copepods, Aiptasia Anemones etc...

My future in fish keeping lies in my past decisions in using sump filtration systems. I'm a huge proponent of using sumps for a dozen reasons but primarily in the mere fact that using one from the start will enable the owner to branch into better and more advanced filtration methods easier. If you take away anything from this spotlight I would like to encourage the readers who could benefit by one to at least look into this and consider running one for themselves.

I plan to keep learning more about algae turf scrubbers, keeping different types of odd ball SW inverts, (not corals) correctly running my bio-pellet reactor in conjunction with a chaeto refugium, (just started my BP reactor) and since my interest in this world of aquariums would need to be continuously challenged for me to continue being this interested, other possibilities down the road will be considered.

Friends of mine who are familiar with my progress are trying to talk me into converting my 125g FW into a SW reef system but I don't see that happening. I'll probably go with my 125g as a SW community fish with lots of weird inverts and keep the 150g for a FOWLR only-I do miss having an eel and desperately want a dog faced puffer and trigger fish.

I would like to thank my girlfriend Allison for knowing that never did she take a back seat to my old muscle car or some fish tank/tumbling algae ball but rather knowing she is THE center of my strange universe. Thanks Ally for all your love and support. See all you fishlorians online and TTYL.

Tank #1
150g FOWLR-drilled.
Filtration-Aqueon ProFlex4 sump with Reef Octopus Bio-Pellet reactor & xs200 protein skimmer, BRS dual reactor, DIY 20g tumbling Chaeto refufium, LR-around 130lbs. return via under gravel jet system.
Lighting-Marineland LED's for DT and Current USA 18" 96 watt for refugium.
Fish-3x different Dwarf Lions, 3x diff. Dwarf Angels, M&F Mandarin Dragonets, Blue Spotted Puffer, Yellow Tang, Marine Betta, Copperband Butterfly, Pennant Coralfish & crazy/funny Wartskin Angler.

Tank #2
125g Planted-drilled.
Filtration-Wet/Dry sump with planted refugium 36"x15x15, (algae scrubber soon?) with return via under gravel jet system.
Lighting-Marineland T5 for DT and refugium
Fish-3x Discus, 3xAngels, 4x Blue Rams, 3x Hatchets, 3 diff. Upsidedown Catfish, Clown Loach, Red Tail Shark, Bumblebee Catfish & a beautiful Gold Royal Pleco.

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