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Hello, my name is Mackenzie aka Cichlidmac and I'm honored to be apart of this great community.

I have always been fascinated with aquatic life, its like a different world inside our own. As a child I use to go on hikes up the creeks in the mountains surrounding our home to collect as many aquatic life forms as possible. While these adventurous trips in the forest sometimes worried my Mom, she always encouraged my brother and I to follow our passions and this passion has stuck with me ever since.

My first "real" aquarium was purchased by my mother when I was in 3rd grade. It was a 10 gallon tank with an under gravel filter and plastic plants. The stocking changed quit often as I couldn't seem to keep any fish alive. I had no idea why the bala sharks and gouramis kept dying, this led me to the research of aquarium husbandry and the nitrogen cycle and I haven't stopped researching and learning to this day.

I currently live in Oregon with my wife and four kids. Oregon is a great place for aquarium hobbyists, the water is generally soft and neutral which is perfect for the species I keep. We also have a large selection of fish stores and breeders and the numbers seem to be growing lately. I currently have 6 aquariums in our three bedroom townhouse. Hopefully next summer we will have a house where I can build a fish room.


5 gallon fluval spec v : Stock led lighting and filter.
Stock: 8 red cherry shrimps and a young female Borellii Opal.
Plants: Anubias nana golden, water sprite, java moss, Taiwan moss, and various crypts.

29 gallon : Stock aqueon hood with a t8 bulb. 40-60 hob filter with sponge prefilter.
Stock: 1 Pair of Apistogramma Cacatuiodes triple red.
Plants: water sprite

29 gallon : Stock aqueon hood modified to house an additional bulb. 60 gallon hob filter with sponge prefilter.
Stock: 17 apistogramma Borellii fry
Plants: water sprite, java moss, and various crypts and anubias.

29 gallon : Aquasun t5ho dual lighting. 40-60 hob filter and Hydro sponge filter.
Stock: 1 pair of apistogramma agassizii triple red and 2 praecox rainbows.
Plants: water sprite and Taiwan moss.

55 gallon Riparium: custom led lighting. Marineland c220 cannister and jebao cannister.
Stock: 1 pair of apistogramma sp. "location 21" I believe these may be a sp. cf. Pebas, still awaiting scientific description. 7 coral red pencil fish, 6 panda cory, and 6 acarichthys heckelii (waiting for the 100 gallon to get finished)
Plants : water sprite, java fern, pennywort, java moss.
Riparium plants: chi chi bluebell, hygrophila corymbosa, phalaris grass, mexican milkweed, ruellia katie, black mangrove trees, and aluminum plants.

100 gallon is waiting on supplies and hardware to be finished.

Fish Foods: california blackworms, frozen bloodworms, frozen brine shrimp, live baby brine shrimp, ocean nutrition cichlid flakes, hikari micro pellets, hikari cichlid pellets, hikari sinking wafers, hikari algae wafers. Tetra dried shrimp.

Aquarium products: Prime, Flourish excell, leaf zone, and API master test kit along with test kits not included in master kit.

Future plans: Next year I hope to start a breeding room for various apistogrammas that I will be collecting in Peru next season.

Tips and advice: Never stop learning, research and then do more research but remember experiences vary. Do not trust everything you read this hobby is also a business and the goal of business is to make money, there is a lot of false information out there to push products.

Do not neglect your fish, keep them healthy with good food and frequent water changes, they are NOT just to look at they are living creatures that need your attention.

Know your fishes natural habitat.

Use fishlore and ask questions.

Good luck to all of you in your fish keeping adventures and a big thanks to the mods for making this a great hobbyist community.

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