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Hello, I'm Lee aka Bankruptjojo. Growing up I only kept dogs and really had no interest in anything that would require a tank/cage. It was not until my girlfriend brought a betta home without asking. She had a .5 gallon container, food and some water conditioner. I did a quick Google search and quickly found there is a little more to it then what had been explained to her. I bought a bigger tank and kept him in the small container until the tank finally cycled. I enjoyed the science behind the cycle and even more my new fishy friend barney. I quickly got another betta and a community tank from there. It has been almost 3 years sense my first fish and I still have him today.

My Show Tanks
-125 gallon - 5 blood parrots, 1 green severum, 1 red tail shark, 8 denison Barbs, 10 yoyo loaches.
Filters - fluval FX-5, Jbj EFU-25, 1 Aquaclear110
Lights - 24in Aqueon dual T5, 36in Zoomed dual T5-HO
substrate - top fin river gravel but switching to blasting sand soon
125 gallon aquarium

-75 gallon - 5 angelfish (2 blue platinum, 1 blue smokey, 1 golden ghost, 1 pinoy ghost), 4 Siamese algae eaters, 2 electric blue rams, 8 harlequin rasboras, 1 bristlenose pleco
filter- JBJ efu-35, eheim 2213
lights/co2- 48in Catalina 3 T5-HO, 20lb pressurized co2 W/inline Sera 500 co2 reactor
substrate- UP aqua soil
75 gallon aquarium

-33 gallon long - cherry shrimp, dwarf corys, ottos, 11 chili rasboras
filters - sponge filters
lights - 48in Zoomed dual T5-HO
substrate - seachem sand
33 gallon aquarium

-29 gallon - 16 neon tetras, 10 Bronze cory's.
filters - Aquaclear30
lights - Fluval dual T5-HO
substrate - Fluval Stratum
29 gallon aquarium

-2 10 gallon - 2m HM betta
lights - 1 48in Lithuania chrome plated shop light
substrate - 1 has Fluval Stratum, other has Seachem flourish red
10 gallon aquariums

-8 gallon fluval - male CT betta... also has a 1g HOB refugium with a new male CT betta, will be moving him somewhere soon
filters - Zoomed 501 canister filter
lights/co2 - 2 Fluval 12w pc, 5lb pressurized co2 W/atomic diffuser
substrate - Fluval Stratum, refugium has river gravel
8 gallon aquarium

-4 gallon Aqueon evo - male plakat betta
filter - Aqueon
lights - Aqueon led
substrate - blasting sand
4 gallon aquarium

My Breeding Tanks
3 20g tall's- (1st) 2 pinoy ghost pair (2nd) 2 electric blue ram pair (3rd) 5 nickle sized paraiba angelfish
filters - sponge
lights - 2 and 3 use 1 standard plastic T8, the 1st shares the 15g light.
substate - bare bottom
20 gallon aquarium
20 gallon aquarium
20 gallon aquarium

1 15 gallon - 2 german blue ram pair
filters - sponge
lights - 24in Fluval dual T5-HO
substrate - Seachem sand

Plenty of empty tanks lying around waiting for babies

More Aquarium Pictures

ram cichlids
(click for larger view of the panoramic picture above)

Bettas and breeding tanks get feed twice a day unless feeding live food. Community tanks get feed once a day. Live food I only feed in the middle of the day 2-3 times per week. The rest of the week I feed all new life spectrum foods. Either their pellets or flakes, I love both. I don't like there algae wafers that much so i use Hikari for that and Wardley's for catfish pellets.

My plans are to have some of these beautiful fish breed. I really don't plan on adding any more right now. My tanks are upstairs and I'm already pushing it, don't want the floor to fall through. We're actually trying to sell our house and looking for a place with a good basement for a proper fish room. Then I'll be looking into a automatic water change system and maybe some more tanks Although I do see a future with only a tank or two, as this many can be a little bit of work. I feel like it would be very nice to only have one or two tanks to focus on.

Like to thank my girlfriend who without my permission brought home a Betta. Without her sneaking behind my back I would not have found this great hobby . But really she is great, helping me keep all these tanks clean. My dad who has been very helpful and understanding about my hobby (some might call obsession). Can't forget Fishlore the first forum I have ever joined. Even now that I have ventured out to other sites this one still amazes me how everyone just seems much more friendly here. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I'll see ya around the forum.


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