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I'm Anna, or Everythingzen on the forum. I began the fish journey very suddenly, and with absolutely no research and preparation. My daughter had a friend from school who's brother had a golden wonder killi that was "attacking and eating all other fish". I had no clue what a killifish was, no idea of the balance and work an aquarium needed to become established, or the equipment I'd be needing to get this working! This killi was in danger of being flushed, and so I naively said we'd help. I liked fish! Easy. Ha.

Long story short, I spent that weekend in various pet shops getting the basics. I spent hours on google and was overwhelmed with the volume of information. I was making mistakes everywhere and just couldn't see how this poor fish would survive my learning curve. I found a website that seemed full of experts but empty of anyone who could help. I saw fishlore written somewhere and thought "it can't be as bad as here" and so I searched, and read, and joined. And learned. And asked a ridiculous number of questions. And fell in love with the aquarium hobby. My little killi went from the 16 gallon with a bala shark, 2 angelfish and a dwarf gourami, to eventually a properly stocked 55 gallon aquarium.

That 55 is now a 75 and is home to a school of cherry barbs that I have had since almost the beginning, it has Madagascar and crimson spot rainbows, pristella tetras, an angelfish pair, Congo tetras, kuhli and Yoyo loaches and a cranky old dwarf gourami. This tank is my show tank. I could watch the occupants for hours. These species are some of my most favourite. This tank also has various plants. Variegated rush, java fern, banana Lilly, dwarf hair grass, lilaeopsis, stricta, a type of sword, thin Val, and others yet unknown. The temperature in this sits at 26C, pH 7.4, nitrates at about 15ppm. Lighting is 3 tubes that came with it.

My other main tank is a 38 gallon that is not for show. It's a collection of bits and pieces in both fish and plants. Not really any completed schools, haphazard aquascaping, breeding projects, and housing for some that cannot go into the 75. This tank has way too much lace fern, duckweed and stricta. Approximately 3,529 Malaysian trumpet snails live there too, with 3 peppered cories, 3 neon tetras, 2 angelfish, a BN pleco and some guppies. The temperature in this is 27 C, pH 7.6, nitrates are 10 ppm.

I don't think I will change too much in future tanks. I know this was one of my better spontaneous decisions and one I will stick with for a good while yet!

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Happy Fish Freshwater Angelfish tending eggs Female Cherry Barb

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