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It's an honor to have been chosen as a candidate to write a Member Spotlight for Fishlore. As many of you know my name is Jonathan Ray but I'm known as RogueAgent94 on the forum.

I have been interested in animals and around them since I was quite young. I grew up in India so I had a much different childhood than most people. My first pets were cats which bred for me. Those tiny baby kittens with their blue eyes got me hooked on animals forever. I've kept dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, birds, some frogs, and just about anything else that walked in. In my mid teens I began working for a nature reserve which was located near my house. Basically I took care of their animals which were sick or worked on trying to breed rarer species of animals. I had the privilege of raising baby Bengal Tigers and monitoring their growth over two years before they moved to the nature reserve. I tried and, with limited success, bred the endangered Gharial Crocodile. My multi-acre property was also home to a herd of Nilgai which are a type of antelope. As my personal pets I kept peacocks and of course lots of fish.

I started fishkeeping about 14 years ago when I started an 80 gallon tank with around 20 Tiger Barbs and a pair of Bristlenose Plecos. Soon both my barbs and plecos were breeding like crazy. To accommodate these lovely baby fish I expanded my fish room. By the time I was done I had over a dozen tanks up and running with baby plecos and barbs. I also started to expand into other types of fish.

My fellow fish breeders got me involved in many fish clubs all over Asia and my MTS was spurred. Before I knew it I had a fish business up and running. I owned over 400 tanks and 13 large ponds. My favorite fish by far were my Red tailed Catfish and Giant Gouramis. I also adored my wild Altum Angelfish and Flowerhorns. I shipped fish all over Asia and to some parts of Europe. A couple of years into my fish business I found! I have met many knowledgeable people here and have been able to gain a lot of knowledge about all kinds of subjects here.

In 2011 I moved from India to the United States to take care of my grandmother whose health was failing. The move forced me to shut down my business and re-home all my pets. But I didn't say pet-less for very long! Soon after arriving in the United States I started up a 70 gallon cube. I had full intentions of making this tank a planted South American themed tank. But of course you all know what happens to carefully planned things. It didn't go exactly as planned but I love it. I currently own 12 Clown Plecos, 4 Kribensis Cichlids, many dozen Platies, an Otto, and many Mystery Snails.

My Mystery Snails were the first to breed and I ended up with many hundred snails. I had Purple, Chestnut, Magenta, Olive, Ivory, and Blue snails. I also have a 5 gallon set up with Red Cherry Shrimp in it. This is my breeding colony. I bought some from a good friend of mine who is also a member of this forum, Zeez. I was also able to import three different batches of Red Cherry Shrimp. I got one batch from Germany, one batch from Burma, and one batch from Thailand. I call my lovely shrimp mutants because they are bright red and around the size of Ghost Shrimp.

In addition to my 70 gallon and 5 gallon I also have 10 gallon with a very young Thai Silk Flowerhorn which I imported from Thailand. This Flowerhorn is soon getting his very own 55 gallon tank. He will be the sole resident in this tank and will most likely be extremely spoiled.

I am moving this month to Florida. My new house has a 12,000 square foot workshop which will become my fish room. In the future I'd like to expand my fish tanks into a fish business again. I fully intend to breed fish and would love to get my hands on some rare fish to breed.

There are a few things that fish keepers must know in order to have a stable tank and enjoy their hobby. The Nitrogen Cycle is one of the most important. Quarantining new fish, doing frequent water changes, and acclimation are all things that are essential. Research about your fish before you buy them is another very important factor of keeping fish. And lastly keeping fish in an appropriate sized tank and having filtration are very important.

I would like to thank the many knowledgeable members of this forum and my loving family for all the encouragement they have given me to pursue my interests. Without you guys I would not have had the courage to do all that I have done so far. My parents were a huge influence on my hobbies as they put up with my many shenanigans and mistakes. It takes a lot of patience and love to deal with what they have had to deal with! I would also personally like to thank Dena (catsma_97501) for helping me with all my plants and teaching me how to care for them. And I must include Jim (pirahnah3), Josh (fbn), and Dimi (soltarianknight) for all the encouragement and late night fish chats.

Here are a couple pictures of my fish/inverts and tanks from over the years:

Aquarium Pictures

Aquarium 1 Aquarium 2 Aquarium 3 Aquarium 4 Aquarium 5 Freshwater Angelfish Freshwater Angelfish Snails Snail Betta Corydoras Catfish Aquarium 12 Aquarium 13 Aquarium 14 Aquarium 15 Aquarium 16 Aquarium 17 Kribensis Red Shrimp

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