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Greetings all,

As some of you know I have had my Red Sea Max aquarium setup for about a year now and all is going well. In this article I will tell you various things that will hopefully help you setup your aquarium from my experiences.

Red Sea Max Setup

The setup of the red sea max is rather easy. The biggest factors are placing the equipment in the right places in the back of the tank which is in the instructions. A big thing is the substrate they give you. You need to put some substrate in a bucket then run water into that bucket until the overflowing water is clear then the substrate is sufficiently clean. After the equipment is in and running correctly then add your live rock and leave it for a couple of weeks until your tank is cycled.

Red Sea Max Pictures

Red Sea Max Aquarium Red Sea Max
Firefish Xenia - Pulse Coral

Red Sea Max Likes and Dislikes
I must say I don't have any dislikes with my setup. Everything is working well and all my fish are healthy. I love the fact that all the equipment is attached at the back in a small sump type of area built on the back of the tank. In total the tank is 130 litres (110 in display and 20 in equipment part). The red sea max is bringing out a 250 litre tank soon so we will see how that turns out.


I have had 2 rather bad experiences with my Red Sea Max. The first was when I had a massive salinity shock due to incorrect information from my Local Fish Store because they said to top the tank up with saltwater when you are meant to do it with freshwater when you are covering for evaporation. So as you can imagine when I found out I was really angry because prior to me discovering this I had spent countless dollars on coral which died due to the salinity but I have got my tank back up and running and looking great again so I am happy.

My second experience was when I added a Threadfin Butterfly fish to my tank. I added the fish to my tank thinking it was going to be fine then I saw it nip one of my corals and immediately alarm bells began ringing in my head then it did it again so I tried to catch the fish but it swam into the rock caves so my dad and I soul crushingly took out all the live rock and then caught the little bugger and I took him back to the LFS and gave them a blasting for incorrect information although I must take some responsibility myself by saying I didn't research the fish before I bought it. But the corals are fine and everything is well again.


I hope this helps you setting up your tank and also keeps you aware.
    2 tips to success are:
  • DO NOT top-up evaporation with saltwater (check your salinity regularly)
  • DO NOT buy a fish you haven't researched sufficiently
Happy Fish keeping,

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