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Hi everyone! It's such an honor to be spotlighted here! I've learned so much from Fish Lore, you all have been wonderful and so helpful to me when I literally knew nothing about fish!

I really got started with fish keeping in November 2008. I got a free goldfish from the Student Government, apparently they thought it would be a good idea to hand them out for free in bowls. He died shortly thereafter, and I decided to get my first betta, Billy. To make a long story short, two of my friends got females to put with their males, so I ended up with two girls, then added a third to try a sorority in my ex's empty 10 gallon. That didn't work out, and I ended up separating everyone, which is how my MTS really got started!


As most of you know, I have quite a few tanks set up at the moment, and several that are empty and waiting for various items. For the tanks that I have set up I have:
  • 2.5 gallon with my betta boy Billy (wal mart rescue veiltail). Billy was my first betta, and he's survived through so many mistakes. He'll always have a special place with me, but the others don't know that!

  • 2.5 gallon with my betta girl Artemis (wal mart rescue). Artemis is a little crazy, but very sweet. She's a jumper, but not as much as my new girls.

  • 5 gallon hex with my betta boy Ares (wal mart rescue veiltail), I'm probably most proud of this little guy that I have. I have seen SUCH a change in him, he's grown to be such a gorgeous boy. He's my roommates favorite.

  • 5 gallon hex with my betta girl Hera (wal mart rescue), oh Hera, I don't even know what to say about her! She's my hunter, definitely, I've never seen vertical stripes like she gets ever before!

  • 5 gallon hex with my betta boy Epsilon (one of MMs beautiful copper boys). Epsilon is growing SO fast, he has such gorgeous finnage. He's a little shy right now, but he's definitely starting to become more outgoing. I know he can be, he was a little terror in my sorority tank before I realized he was a boy!

  • 10 gallon with my betta boy Nikolas (one of MMs beautiful BF boys). He is such a sweet boy, I love him! Anytime I walk by the tank he always rushes up to the glass to see me.

  • 10 gallon with just one corycat right now, but I have ember tetras and pygmy cories on the way.

  • 20 gallon sorority with 4 of MMs beautiful copper girls, these girls are wonderful, a little crazy and jump higher than any betta I've ever seen, but they're great!

As for the empty tanks I've got
  • 10 gallon waiting for either two dwarf puffers or one dwarf puffer and 3 otos

  • 29 gallon waiting for two goldies

All of my tanks stay at 0 ppm ammonia, 0 ppm nitrite, and usually less than 5 ppm nitrate since they are under-stocked for the most part. Everybody gets weekly water changes except for my 10 gallon community, which gets twice weekly water changes since it's a bit overstocked. Most of my tanks have live plants, almost all have java moss and the rest have anubias and java ferns. I don't have much of a green thumb but I've managed to keep those alive.


Betta Hera Betta Artemis
Betta Ares Betta Billy

Future Plans (aside from the waiting tanks)
There are SO many fish that I want that it's hard to keep track! I know for sure that I want a 125 gallon Oscar tank, a 75 gallon cichlid tank (Malawi Mbuna), a 30 gallon hex for a pair of angelfish, and definitely a 180 gallon Shubunkin goldfish tank. Some tanks that I've been going back and forth on whether I'll have the space and resources for are a 125 gallon discus tank, and eventually I hope to start up a saltwater tank! I also would really like to get rid of the 2.5 gallon tanks that I have now and upgrade to 6.6 gallon bookshelf tanks for my betta babies.


I'd like to thank my ex girlfriend, even though we aren't together anymore she still helps me with the weekly water changes on eight tanks (probably only because she loves Hera best)! I'd also like to thank my best friend in the entire world for telling me that I'm crazy to have so many fish, and everyone else for enabling me further!

Also, to the members of Fishlore, I'd like to thank all of you but specifically PinkFloydPuffer and CHoffman, Lucy, Shawnie, SteveAngela1, and Sirdarksol, for being absolutely irreplaceable, as well as ALL of the other moderators and Mike!

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