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Karen My name is Karen Mac Auley AKA MartinisMommy. I live in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona in a city called Chandler. I grew up on the coast of Southern California and spent most of my time at the beach. I have a wonderful husband whom I have been with for 32 years. I have 5 grown children and 4 Grandchildren. I have been adoring and photographing animals for over 30 years.

I have a deep passion for animals of all kinds. I bred/showed American Cocker Spaniels for 20 years. I have several homebred Champions. I retired from breeding in the late 90's. I now own Chihuahua's. I have 2 boys and 1 girl. Martini (in the photo with me) Mr. Big and his Daughter Bikini.

I have owned fish since I was a child. I have always had an aquarium in my home. When my kids were growing up we used to have Guppies and Mollies. They used to get a kick out of taking our fry to the local fish store and trading them in for a 10 cent credit towards new fish or supplies.

As my children grew up so did my expensive hobby. Christmas of 1990 my family bought me my first salt water tank. It was 60 gallons. Oh boy, was that a learning experience for me. It was many months of heartache and disappointment in the beginning. The fish store I was buying from was less than helpful. I lost several fish and spent hundreds of dollars before I finally got it right.

Today I own 5 fish tanks. I have learned the art of patience when firing up a new tank and because of that I don't suffer too many losses. My fish tanks are therapeutic to me. They relax me and I could sit for hours watching the beauty within. I spend several hours every week maintaining my tanks. I take great pride in my hobby and want to present a pretty picture when people come into my home.

My favorite tank is my 55 gallon salt tank. This was a gift to me from my son. It is a far cry from my 1st salt tank. This tank has all the bells and whistles. A sump, a protein skimmer and a CPR filtration system and live rock. I have a mated pair of clownfish named Lanny and Lola, a yellow tang named Tangy and a gorgeous Bi-color Angelfish named Angela in this tank. I also have 2 peppermint shrimp and several different crabs. It is a very well established tank.

Here are my finbabies that occupy this saltwater tank.

Yellow Tang Clownfish
Clownfish Bicolor Angelfish

Now we will move on to my out of control obsession with Betta fish. I own 4 Betta fish. "Will" a red/blue crown tail Betta boy (he started it all) "Jagger" a lavender blue and red Veiltail, Kix an Aqua Crowntail, and Dunn a Delta crowntail lavendar and gold Betta boy. My Betta boys all have their own Apartments (tanks) . Will lives in my old 55 gallon converted saltwater tank. I know this is way too much space for a betta fish but he is a very special boy to me. He lived through an air conditioning outage in August for 10 days with temps reaching into the 120's last August. He will be the only occupant of this tank until the day he dies.

Here is "Will" and his 55 gallon Betta palace.

Will - Betta Betta Tank

Next came "Jagger" Named after "Mic Jagger" because of his big pouty lips. Jagger lives in a 5 gallon hex tank. He is a real character as you can see by his photo.

Jagger - Betta Jagger's Betta Tank

Then we have " and "Kix" and "Dunn" They were a double rescue from Petco. I had to get both of them that day. Don't ask me why just nod your heads please and say oh how cute ha ha ha. They both have their own 5 gallon tanks. Dunn is by far the most beautiful Betta fish I have ever seen in my life. He is as gold as gold can be with lavender fins. He is a real clown.


Dunn - Betta Dunn's Betta Tank

Kix my softy.

Kix - Betta Kix's Betta Tank

I can't get a good shot of my salt tank for my members spotlight so I decided to do a short video clip. It is a 55 gallon bow front. All my water stats are normal so just fill in the info for me if you can. Same thing on my betta tanks. I'm not good at all that stuff I just know how to care for them and take good photos lol. The salt tank has been up and running for 3 years.

Video removed.

Future Plans
I have no future plans of adding anymore tanks in the near future. I'm quite happy with the 5 tanks I have.


It has been both an honor and a privilege to have been asked to be in the member spotlight. I have enjoyed being a member of this forum and have really appreciated the help and support I've received from it's loyal members. There are 2 people I'd lie to thank at this time. They gave me sound advice that saved my boy Wills life. 1st of all thank you ROSE for your all of your help. Your the best! Also CoBettacouple for answering all my questions and for admiring my boy "Dunn" but NO you can't have him lol. And to all the rest of the members I have shared the good times and the bad times with. We have all laughed and cried together. Thank you!

Finally, I'd like to thank Mike for blessing fish lovers from all over the world with a website like Fishlore. It is a wonderful place where people can come together and meet others with the same interests and a great place for information.

I'd also like to thank all my Betta buddies for joining in on my 2009 Betta Calendar. All the Betta lovers of fishlore helped me create one of my finest calendars ever by sharing photos of their beautiful Betta fish! These Calendars will be available in mid June. The calendar cover photo is below:

Betta Calendar

Here is a photo of my 3 doggies:

Karen's Dogs

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