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Hi, my name is Randy aka Borisbbadd. I live in Tooele Utah, about 35 miles west of Salt Lake City. My wife Martina and I share a home with two dogs, a beagle (Frosty) a lab (Lilly) and one cat who officially lives here, named Squid. There are two other cats who have the mistaken idea that they live here, Schlitzohr and Doofus.

Fish keeping experience
Aside from the assorted fish bowls we all had as kids, I got my first real aquarium (20 gallon) about 35 years ago. It was a time when information was hard to find, good information, almost impossible.

On the advice of the LFS where I bought the tank, I set it up, and waited for 24 hours for the chlorine to dissipate, and then went back for fish. And did I get fish! Every size, shape, and color. Enough fish to stock a small pond. As you can imagine, it didn't work out real well. We live and learn.

Later on, I moved up to a 40 gallon, which I kept successfully for the next 13 or 14 years.

I had been out of fish keeping for quite a while, until about 5 years ago, when my wife bought me a 29 gallon tank and everything to go with it for Christmas. Cool gift!

Fish Tanks
We have a 29 gallon community tank, with 8 harlequins, 4 peppered corys, 1 clown pleco, a nerite snail and a gold gourami my wife named Sushi, which explains why he hides whenever she enters the room.

We also have two 5 gallon betta tanks going at the moment. In the one tank there is a red crown tail. For decoration, there are a couple plastic plants, and a cup and saucer borrowed from my wife's china cabinet. In the other tank we have a double tail. He was pure white when we got him, but has since turned mostly purple, with white fins with purple edges.

We also have in the back yard, the makings of what one day will become an outdoor koi pond. With all the remodeling we are doing, I'm not sure how soon that will be. But it's there.


  • Learn about the Nitrogen cycle.
  • Keep up with your water changes, I think the single best defense against disease is good water quality.
  • Don't overstock your tank.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions, and also do your research!
  • Remember, it's not if you have the most or biggest tanks, it's all about the enjoyment you get from what you have.

I would like to Mike for setting up this site, and everyone who has posted for the advice and wealth of information they have shared. Also my wife for putting up with this, and a few other of my passions.

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