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Hello, everyone! My real name is Mindy, and my username on the forum (and one of my nicknames in real life) is Minnow. I live in San Diego, where my family has two horses, two dogs, and 28 fish.

My first fish tank was a 30 gallon. It was a Christmas present to my Dad three or four years ago. We didn't do any research before buying the tank, so we didn't know to cycle it first, and we probably did a water change every month or two. The platys had babies, and I got my own 30 gallon bowfront tank to put them in. After a year or two, we lost interest in the fish. We stopped replacing them when they died, and soon my tank was empty and my dad's held a single, one-eyed Boesman's rainbowfish.

Last year, we decided to start up the tanks again. I plugged in the filter and turned on the light, and my dad did a big gravel vacuum in his tank. We drove out to PetCo that day and picked out some fish and a new light bulb. When my new guppies (and the rainbowfish) promptly died, I did some research online, and that's how I found Fish Lore.

With the information on the website, and the advice of the forum members, I was able to cycle my tank (it took 4.5 months) and care for my fish the right way. Now that I know more, I've become a lot more involved than I was before. I love all my fish, and I'm glad I can provide them with a good home.


10 gallon divided betta tank:
Beta the blue and red crowntail is on the left, and Delta the orange and blue veiltail is on the right. They've been having some issues with fin rot lately, but I'm sure it'll clear up soon. It's amazing how different they are; Beta is aggressive and not so bright, while Delta is calm and intelligent. This tank used to hold Alpha, my first betta, who died on April 1st this year. Rest in peace, Alpha.
Blue Betta Delta Betta

30 gallon bowfront:
This tank is mostly a rescue tank. The angelfish pair, the dwarf gourami, and the white skirt tetra are all rescues from a friend's tank that was crazily overstocked and never cleaned. I gave the white skirt to my bio teacher, but he's back for the summer. The 5 pristella tetras were in the other 30 gallon, but I moved them here to separate them from a fish that tore up their fins. The only fish that isn't a rescue is a white molly.

Angelfish and Dwarf Gourami

30 gallon:
This tank is the home of a skittish blue gourami, a molly family, 2 glowlight tetras, and 7 neon tetras. Most of the mollies were born in the tank, and we're on the third generation. The gourami spends most of her time hiding behind a rock, though I think she comes out when we're not around.

20 gallon long:
My sister's Asian bumblebee catfish of many names lives here. It has a sand substrate and a cool log cave, so the tank looks really nice. Cleverfish is nocturnal, and it's fun to watch him zipping around the tank at night.

I also have one empty 10 gallon tank that I use as a quarantine tank.

I like to do weekly water changes, but it usually ends up being every two weeks, partly because of the water crisis. I'm doing water changes every few days for the betta tank while their fins heal, though. All of the tanks are cycled, with 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 5-20 nitrate.

The betta tank is planted, with sword plants, a lily bulb, and a few banana plants. The others all have plastic plants, along with an anubias in the 30g bowfront.

Future Plans

Although I'd love to have a koi pond and a huge saltwater tank, I don't think either is going to happen any time soon. If I get any more fish, it will probably be more bettas (they're like potato chips, you can't have just one). I'm pretty happy with my tanks right now, though I would like to replace the plastic plants with live ones.


I'd like to thank all the forum mods and members for running and participating in such a great site. I would probably have given up if it wasn't for the wonderful advice and support I found when I joined, and I feel so much better knowing I'm doing the right thing for my fish.

I also owe a lot of thanks to my family for allowing me to have all my tanks, and my friends for putting up with me when I talk about my bettas.

Lastly, thanks MissMTS for taking the M. auratus I needed to re-home for my bio teacher. I know he'll have a great home with you!

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