Afra Cichlid

Cynotilapia afra (afra cichlid) are brightly colored mbuna from Lake Malawi Africa. The afra cichlid makes a wonderful fish for any mbuna tank.

Afra Cichlid
Photo Credit and Copyright: SteveAngela

Afra Cichlid Care

Scientific name: Cynotilapia afra

Common name: Afra Cichlid

Care-level: Easy

Size: 3-4 inches

pH: 7.8-8.2

Temperature: 78-80 degrees F

Origin/Habitat: Lake Malawi Africa

Lifespan: 18 years

Temperament / Behavior: Mildly aggressive

Breeding: Maternal Mouthbrooder

Afra Cichlid Tank mates: Other malawi mbuna should not mix more than one type of Cynatilapia due to hybridization and fighting. Will mix well with labs and Afras.

Fish Disease: Signs and treatments for some common freshwater fish disease hole in the head and malawi bloat

Fish Food: Omnivore, needs diet low in protien and fresh veggies.

Tank Region: Bottom of Aquarium

Gender: Males are brightly colored where females are brownish to greyish.

Tank Size:Minimum of 55g Tanks need to be long rather than tall.

Similar Species: Cichlids.

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