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How to Make a Water... I Mean Aquarium Bed

This brief article is a possible way to make a water bed.

WARNING: this method has NOT been tested yet.

To begin this project, we will need to find a water bed frame, a king size preferably. Once one has been located we can take out the mattress and call in a custom tank company to build a tank inside the bed frame. To allow more swimming room, we will take the bottom out of the bed frame and make the tank deeper and become part of the ceiling of the room below the bedroom. Once an inspector has come to make sure the tank is adequately supported we are ready to fill the tank up.

Before we can do this we realize we forgot to have a top built for the tank so we do not end up sleeping side by side with the fish. We now call the company back and they build a nice sturdy top for us. Now we can add water to the tank but we forgot yet another thing, we can't open the top.

Yet again we call the company back and they create a large door in the top that we could climb in if we wanted too. Now that we finally have a way to clean the tank we will run a hose up to the tank and begin filling the tank. The tank will hold approximately one thousand gallons of water or 3,785 liters. I won't go into detail how to decorate or cycle the tank since that would simply take too long.

Anyway, after we fill the tank up we decided we need a mattress since sleeping on acrylic would not be sufficient for my beauty sleep. We call a mattress store and they come out, take the dimensions of the bed and make a clear mattress. This mattress actually will float on the water in the tank and feel similar to a water bed. So now we must call back the tank company again and have them remove the acrylic from the top of the tank and have the mattress company install the water mattress. Now that that is all finally done and taken care of (if it made any sense at all), I think I'll just go and have a nap on my new bed.

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