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Hi, my name is Tony (nemo addict) and I have been addicted to Saltwater tanks for a long time but gave up when my son was born. I setup another tank 2 years ago getting back into the hobby and finding out so much had changed in a short time and how much easier it is to keep salt water fish compared to 10 years ago. I am currently 32 now and have been very much into the hobby since I was 12.

I live in the UK just outside London with my partner and 2 dogs and not forgeting my 2 reef tanks. My partner has a tropical tank in our bathroom which I am not allowed to get involved with as that is HERS!

I have previously kept tropicals and sea horses. When I kept sea horses there wasn't anything filter wise for saltwater and was very hard work, so gave up after 2 years when my son arrived. I am a plumber by trade which helps with all the pipe work involved in the sump.


I have 2 reef tanks at the moment but only one is stocked due to a rebuild of the both, and I need a tank to store stock in while I move the other 4x2x2.

First tank is a 4x2x2 ft which has been setup for nearly a year, which consists of:

  • 3 Percula Clownfish
  • 1 Yellow bellied Regal tang (first fish)
  • 1 Naso tang (blonde)
  • 1 sand goby
  • 1 male manderine dragonet
  • 3 4 Stripe damsels
  • 2 Green chromis
  • 1 sand sifting starfish
  • 1 skunk cleaner shrimp
  • lots of various snails
  • various hermit crabs large and small - can't rememeber how many as they been back and forth between tanks and more added over last 3 years
  • A large colony of green star polyps (and a few frags)
  • 2 large leather mushrooms corals - loads of mushrooms spread around the live rock
  • 7 sea squirts(was only 1)
  • 3 different types of button polyps (which need fragging)
  • Kenya tree coral, and some small filter feeders (unsure of names)
  • 1 flowerpot coral (green)
  • 1 pink bubble coral
  • and lastly a bubble tip anemone that I thought had ended up in my power head by mysteriously reappeared after 3 months (but is very small now)
    Live Rock
  • I have approx 50 kilos of mixed live rock which is very lively, when I purchased rock it was to lively with to much bad stuff such as aiptasia, and a few hitchiking crabs, there are a few approx 5-6 brittle stars within the rock and a few soft corals hitching on them and not grown enough to get a accurate ID but look like leather corals of some type.
  • 1 deltec protein skimmer(soon to be replaced)
  • 1 300 watt heater
  • Deltec phosphate reactor
  • UV filter
  • all housed in a 3 ft sump with live rock rubble and a 11 watt pod light
  • chaetomorpha
  • deep live sand bed
  • 1 800 refugium with miracle mud caulpera and live rock rubble fed by a 360 pump and a 11 watt pod light 50/50 on reverse lighting cycle
  • 1 RO unit
  • Lighting: 4 x T5 54 watts each, 2 coral life bulbs, 2 atinic bulbs, 1 arcadia series 3 150 watt metal hailide (not yet setup)
  • Flow: 2 x 3000 lph wave makers eheim return pump not sure what model. I have the return setup up so it acts as power heads in each rear corner for added movement.
  • 4 light timers
The second tank is a bow front juwel vision 180 in black which has been stripped down until new build is complete as this only houses coral frags and my christmas wrasse and 2 clownfish. This was setup for about 3 years but this is the culprit that made me get a bigger tank to house my tangs and I still want a bigger tank 5-6 ft.

Future plans

Well these have already started. I have been given a larger sump tank by a friend, I have also started making a new stand as old one was a bit of a eyesore. I will be putting up pictures on a build thread from start to finish , I am hoping to get a 5x2x2 tank before its all built as the stand is built to take a 5 ft if I can't get one before as I have to move tank asap due to a dining table arriving after Christmas and I need to make room.
My other half for putting up with my fishy habbits and not moaning when I spend her shoe and handbag money or flood the house when I forget to turn off the RO unit. I would like to thank Fishlore for the help and support from the forums and choosing me for the members spotlight.

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