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Hi my name is Matt. I am 13 and live in beautiful Perth, Western Australia. I have kept fish for over 3 years now. My first tank was a 40 litre gold fish tank. After that I got a 100 litre tank and put freshwater tropical fish in there and the fish thrived as well as the live plants. Now I have a 130 litre Red Sea Max Reef Tank. I love this hobby because it has brought me together with lots of other people (everyone on fishlore) and it is very rewarding if you do everything correctly. I live with my Dad Deryck, My Mum Ann and my Sister Jen, also my Dog Jaxon. We have a nice house and a good life.


My Tank is 61 cm long, 51 cm wide and 53 cm heigh. It holds a total of 130 litres of water. I have had the tank setup for about 6 months now but have recently had a huge salinity shock due to FALSE information from my LFS. My protein skimmer, power heads, filter and heater are all built in and specially made for the Red Sea Max.

PH - 8.2/8.4
Nitrate - 1.0
Salinity - 1.025

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Saltwater Aquarium Matt's Saltwater Aquarium

Fish, Corals, Inverterbrates
I currently have 2 black ocellaris clownfish, 3 green chromis, 1 firetail goby and a blue tang in my tank. I feed them 1 block of frozen brine shrimp each morning and they really enjoy it.

All my fish get along really well and I havent had any problems with aggression or fin tearing ever in my tank.

Future Plans

I plan on upgrading my tank from 130 litres (35gal) to a 700/800 litre in the future. I also plan on becoming a professional rugby union player.


I would like to thank my parents for helping me out with money and helping me understand things more about my tank. I would also like to thank Mark from my LFS for helping me put together my tank and also giving me alot of discounts on coral/fish/live rock. I would lastly like to thank EVERYONE on fishlore for helping me understand my tank and make the correct decisions mostly I would like to thank 2 people from fishlore who are Mike and Agsansoo (Andy) for always helping me and giving me courage and always answering my questions. Thanks a lot everyone. You All Rock!

I will have more pictures of my tank on the forum when I get some new corals.

Fishlore Rocks!

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