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Hello all, thank you for reading and thank you moderators for choosing me to me to be part of the Member Spotlight section of the Newsletter.

I did not grow up with animals so I am making up for it now. We've got two dogs, a cat, many fishies and unbeknownst to anyone else in the household, a guinea pig on the way. The other night I got a remark, "You know, Beth, we're running out of counter space (in the kitchen)". I ignored the remark but it's still ringing in my head. So, I've decided to make what I consider a concession: We, at the moment have a 20L, and two 10's in the kitchen and a 55 in the bathroom which was my first tank and only about 8 months ago!!! Fishlore is totally enabling.

So, since I have already planned on absolutely needing another 20L, I will replace the space, (not the tanks) of the 2 tens to the new 20L. Sounds good to me. I will move the other two 10's to our bedroom-my side of the bedroom-night stand and dresser. Sounds like a concession to me, how about you? One of the 10's may go to work with me though (still thinking about it).

Being without children and not truly settled in my life until the last ten years, my animals and my partner are the big IT.

Here are some photos: The 55 has 2 Blood Parrots, 2 DG's, buenes aries tetras, cherry barbs, cories and CEA's. Some platys as well. The 20L has male guppies, neon tetras and snails. One 10 has neons and CAE. Other 10 has three female guppies and babies, along with lots of plants, I want to make it a NPT. I have set it up with soil.

Aquarium Pictures

10 gallon aquariums
20 gallon aquariums 55 gallon aquariums

I would like to eventually--soon eventually--set up the other tanks with soil bottom below the gravel. This will happen within the next couple of months I think. I love testing the water and love water changing. I really like to "be" with the tank and the fish.

I thank each and everyone of you for making Fishlore THE BEST.

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