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Fish Quiz

Time to have some fun! Take the Fish Quiz and find out your fishonality!

Respond to the questions according to the statement that most closely resembles what you would do or your character. After you're done answering, add the number of points and compare your score to the guide at the bottom!

  1. When you are at a party, and you only know the person who is hosting it, you...
    1. I sit in a corner and wait until someone talks to me (2pt)
    2. I wander around for a little, Look here and there and talk to a couple of people who seem friendly (4pts)
    3. Almost immediately after I walk in, I am surrounded by people and it is like everyone knows me. (6 pts)
    4. I quickly greet the host, give the gift and make an exit as fast as possible (8pts)
    5. I sit quietly in one place and hope no one talks to me (10 pts)
  2. You have nothing to do on a Saturday...
    1. You call some friends so I can hang out with them (4pts)
    2. You stay at home, watching TV, surfing the web or sleeping (10pts)
    3. You stay at home but do something more interesting like a project of some sort, write, read... (2pts)
    4. You go straight to the club. (6pts)
    5. You wait until someone calls you to hang out. (8pts)
  3. When it comes to eating you...
    1. Enjoy good quality food; you really don't like junk or new food that seems unfamiliar... (6pts)
    2. Really don't mind the kind of food, but you enjoy a treat every now and then. (8pts)
    3. Eat like there will be no food tomorrow! (4pts)
    4. Grab whatever there is in the refrigerator... don't believe in expiration dates. (10pts)
    5. Are extremely strict regarding your diet... and picky. (2pts)
  4. Your favorite thing to do is...
    1. Eat. (10pts)
    2. Sit somewhere quiet and relax. (8pts)
    3. Go out with friends (6pts)
    4. Go around finding new adventures (4pts)
    5. Spend some quality time with yourself. (2pts)
  5. When it comes to finding "the right one" you...
    1. Try to make yourself as neat looking as possible, and make an effort to impress. (2pts)
    2. Try to choose one and wait to see if it is reciprocal. (4pts)
    3. Let them know what my intentions are... and offer them a secure future. (6pts)
    4. I am complicated. (8pts)
    5. I do not do anything special... it depends on the situation. (10pts)
  6. When it comes to temper... you:
    1. I like to show others who is the boss. (6pts)
    2. I really get along well with family and friends. (8pts)
    3. I enjoy being alone most of the time. (2pts)
    4. I don't mind being around others, but I like that the people around me respect my space. (4pts)
    5. I don't care about anything much. I am very mellow. (10pts)
Point Ranges
12-25 You are a Betta! - You are a very special person at heart, but people take their time to notice that. You are somewhat introverted and a true treasure to cherish!

26-35 You are a Red Tailed Shark - You don't mind being around others, as long as they mind their business and they do not interfere with the organization of your daily life.

36-47 You are a Blue Chromis - You enjoy the company of friends, and like to hang out with them. You also occasionally and secretly enjoy being the center of attention.

48-60 You are an Apple Snail - A very peaceful person that does not discriminate food or friends! You are just cool to be around.

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