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Hi, I'm mosaicguppy or mosaic for short. I have always been fascinated with fish and started my first freshwater tropical tank in 2009, an Aqua Start 340 pro by Aqua One. I had kept cold water species before that without even knowing about the nitrogen cycle, so when I started the tank I listened mainly to the advice given by people working at pet stores. I started doing research on my own when all my attempts at keeping guppies in the tank failed even though they were considered hardy fish and that's when I stumbled upon Fishlore.

Since joining Fishlore, I had found fish keeping to be much more enjoyable. It was all quite confusing at first but I eventually understood the nitrogen cycle and how to stock a tank with appropriate fish. Even though I've lost fish a few times due to the mistakes I've made, I decided not to give up and continue to learn and gain more experience. I became interested in aquascaping, aquarium plants, snails and small fish such as endlers, small tetras and gouramis since becoming a member and love working with the small tanks I have.

Current tanks
Right now, the Aqua Start 340 pro is home to fancy guppies, a couple of young female endlers, red ramshorn snails and a variety of plants including java moss, lace fern and duckweed. The tank receives at least one water change a week with Prime and flourish comprehensive for the plants.

The other tank I have is a 15 gallon long which was set up earlier in the year for the 4 glowlight rasboras I originally had in the same tank as the endlers and guppies. They were moved and 4 more rasboras were added to make a total of 8. This tank is also home to a pair of honey gouramis, the male is very colourful and stands out against the plants. The tank currently has a large java fern, anubias barteri var, congensis, java moss, lace fern and a variety of small floating plants. This tank gets at least two water changes a week due to the amount of waste the fish produce despite their small size.

Aquarium Pictures

Honey Gourami Aquarium Plant
Aquarium Plants Aquarium Plants

Future plans
I'm planning to add more plants to my tanks and maybe even have a go at growing the more difficult plants in my tanks. I'll certainly be making changes to my tanks in the future.

I would like to thank my family and the members on Fishlore. I have been able to enjoy fishkeeping thanks to them.

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