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Hi Fishlorians! My name is CJ aka AmazonPassion and I want to start by letting you know that I am honored to be a spotlight member.

From an early age, I have always been fascinated with water and the inhabitants that lurked beneath the water. I would always try to peer into puddles, gutters, ponds, creeks, tide pools and any body of water to see if aquatic life was present. I still do to this day.

My first vivid memory as a child was watching my mother take great care of her prize Pinoy Angelfishes and how much of a glow she had when she interacted with them. Having fish as pets was a huge part of my childhood (Guppies, Sword Tails, Mollies, Platies, Black Convicts, Bala Sharks, Red Tail Sharks and several groups of Tetras - all in different tanks) along with having 7 dogs, birds, newts, turtles, crawdads, frogs, and earthworms. Both parents were animal lovers and allowed me to keep anything I found as a pet growing up especially stray dogs.

Currently, I am live California, with 2 spoiled dogs (Mattie and Shadow) and occasionally foster a third dog. I'm the type of guy who has a can of dog /cat food in the trunk of my car for emergencies just in case I see a stray (I literally brake for strays). Most of the times I end up taking the strays home if they allow me to get close to them. I got back into the hobby about 5 years ago starting with a 5 gallon hexagon and kept upgrading until I finally got my 100 gallon (within those 5 years I upgraded 5 times).

I currently have 3 active tanks:
10 Gallon - Planted Yellow Shrimp Tank

10 Gallon - Foster Home for a Betta until my neighbor cycles his tank then will be converted into a shrimp tank

100 Gallon - Planted Community tank-A self sustaining RCS colony, Kuhlis, Cories, GBR, Otos, Neons, glowlight Tetras, Red Eyes, Harlequins and awaiting 6 pure DD Black Angelfish

Fish foods:
Frozen Bloodworms, Beef heart and Mysis, Omega One, NLS Thera A+, Vitamin Flakes, Immune Booster flakes, Meat Eater w/Garlic flakes, Angel flakes, The Works flakes, Hikari Sinking Carnivore pellets, Hikari Algae wafers, and fresh zucchinis.

Shrimp food:
Fluval Shrimp Granules, HBH Crab and Lobster Bites, Borneo Wild Barley Straw Pellets, Borne Wild Spinach, Borneo Frenzy, Repashy Shrimp Souffle and Blanche Zucchini (Fish and Shrimps are on a two week food rotation with the different types of food).

Future Tanks that are cycling:
10 Gallon - Dry Start Method using Dwarf Hairgrass being kept outside in my vegetable garden (just experimenting)
3 20 Gallon Longs for breeding
1 40 Gallon PBR/EBR species only tank

Spare Tanks stored away:
3.5, 5 hex, 10, 25T, 55g

  • Be familiar with the Nitrogen Cycle
  • You can never be an expert so keep learning, reading, and keep asking questions
  • It's okay to disagree, but be respectful and know that there are other perspectives than yours
  • Frequent/Consistent Water Changes is a must in this hobby
  • Always research the fish you want and see if they are compatible with your tank, never buy a fish with the intentions to upgrade in the future.

My parents: For instilling the passion that I have for animals, for always allowing me to bring home strays.

My sisters: For always listening to me and my crazy ideas and then empowering me to take action.

My partner: Thank you for listening to me as my possibility and not as my identity.

Fishlore members: A big thanks to the creator of Fishlore, the moderators, and all the members that I've come to know, without you, I wouldn't have been able to experience this great aquatic community and share my passion for fishes and shrimps.

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