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Hi, I'm Jeri, and I've been keeping fish for a little over 2 years as of 2012. Of course I had fish as a child, but like many of you, I did all the wrong things, because there wasn't a lot of information on how to do it properly. So, one winter day in 2010, my daughter and I were at walmart. She had been begging me to get a fish and for whatever reason, I gave in that day. We chose a blue veiltail betta, who we named fred. I bought a bowl and off we went. I started to wonder about bettas, so I went online and quickly found out a bowl was not a good idea. Shortly after I bought fred, I found FishLore. He lived for about another year with me until a mystery illness killed him. I still miss his little face.

Currently my biggest interest is natural planted tanks (NPT). I have found them to be very peaceful, easy and rewarding. This method is where you use some kind of soil on the bottom, I like miracle grow organic choice garden soil. Then you top the soil with either a fine gravel or sand. The soil will feed the plants, as will the fish waste/food. The plants will filter out the toxins produced by the fish. A balanced eco system is the result. Using a filter with this kind of set up is optional, but mild water circulation can be beneficial, especially in larger tanks. A few of my tanks are filterless.

My other project, has been my 75 gallon. After putting everyone in the 150 gallon I decided it was time for something totally new, something I'd not done before. I was tossing around the idea of mbunas, but in the end chose to go with South and Central American cichlids. I have a pair of pink convict cichlids, and 3 small firemouth cichlids. I'm looking to add a rainbow cichlid as well. I've not even had them a week, and already they are showing great personality. I'm excited to see them grow! I can see why people really like keeping these kinds of fish.

I am not a big water tester. Occasionally I will test for ph, gh, and kh. But I've not tested for ammonia, trites or trates in a long time. Mostly because I keep the tanks clean and rely on my experience and knowledge of the nitrogen cycle plus just observing the fish.

As far as who I'd like to acknowledge in supporting and inspiring me in my fish keeping journey... my husband, all of FishLore, Fred the fish, Diana Walstad and my Daughter. Thank you all, I would not be where I am today if it weren't for you.

My tanks

1.75 Gallon Fish Bowl
1.75 gallon bowl NPT-a few RCS, dwarf sag, moss. no filter. Set up oct. 2011
2 Gallon Shrimp Tank
2 gallon Spec-tiger shrimp, dwarf sag, microsword, moss. No filter. Set up mid 2011
4 Gallon Red Cherry Shrimp Tank
4 gallon red cherry shrimp, dwarf sag, microsword, najas. no filter . set up fall 2010
6 Gallon Edge Aquarium
6 gallon Edge-2 ADFs, java fern and anubias. Hob. Set up late 2010
12 Gallon Edge Aquarium
12 gallon Edge NPT-espei rasboras, sparkling gouramis, 2 CPOs, italian val, dwarf sag, ozelot sword, crypt wendtii, moss, microsword, crypts, najas. No filter. Set up jan. 2012
26 Gallon Aquarium
26 gallon bloodfin tetras, honey, croaking and sparkling gouramis, goby, peacock gudgeon, various plants. Sponge filter. Set up fall 2010
40 Gallon Aquarium
40 gallon blue crayfish, cherry barbs, giant danios. No plants. 2 aqua clear 50s. set up fall 2011
75 Gallon Cichlid Aquarium
75 gallon South and Central American cichlids, pair of pink convicts and 3 firemouths. Re-set up 3/12
Assorted Fish Tank
150 gallon NPT-kerri, pristella tetra and cardinal tetras, 1 angelfish, 3 thick lipped, 1 banded and 5 pearl gouramis, 10 cories, 2 s.nigrita catfish, 3 bolivian rams, 1 a.atahualpa apisto male, long finned BN pleco. A few other assorted fish. Lots of driftwood and plants. Fluval fx5 canister. This tank is still a work in progress. Set up 2/12

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