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Betta Hi everybody, I am Michelle (known to you as Tazmiche). I live on the Wirral, North West England, UK. I was trained as a classical ballet dancer and after graduating from dance school went to live and perform with a company in Germany. After a time I returned to England to a teaching post. I then decided it was time for a change. I am now an Auxiliary nurse and am hoping to do my nurse degree in the next year or so.

As a child we had various types of goldfish but later (I don't know why) I developed a phobia of fish and could not go near a fish tank without shaking and crying! Later after a bad fall from my horse, Rosie, I was terrified of riding so went for hypnotherapy. I came out of the treatment terrified of riding BUT in love with fish!

Horse Rosie After the break up of my relationship with my partner I returned home to live with my parents (having been gone for almost 20 years). My own pets, a dog 'Taz' and a rabbit 'Bugsy Malone' had died and I thought perhaps tropical fish would be a good hobby as my parents already had pets of their own. I am and always have been an animal lover and also now have two dogs, two house rabbits and a horse as well as my fish. I completely adore my pets and look after my friends horse, dogs and cats too.

I came across FishLore in October 2006 when I was researching fish keeping and have been hooked ever since. I have found support, encouragement and sympathy within this community. That is very special and came at a point in my life when I was needing just that!

My Aquariums

My first tank was a 28 litre Acqua One with 5 Cherry Barbs, 5 Checkered Barbs, 4 White Cloud Minnows and a male Amano shrimp called 'Ugly'.

My second tank is a 60 litre Rekord 60 tank with 4 male guppies, 5 ottos (all very small) and 2 female amino shrimps.

Tank 3 58ltr Betta V Male (Flame)

Tank 4 26ltr Betta V Male (Spot)

Tank 5 28ltr Betta Delta Male (Kiz)

Tank 6 28ltr Betta V Male. (Sky)

I have had two other Bettas but sadly lost them. My first ever betta 'Blue eyes' he died 36 hours after I got him and 'Honey' my precious little girl. I am a total sucker when it comes to Bettas now, they are such fun.

So that is pretty much me, I love my animals beyond belief, the love and trust they put in us is amazing! We are very privileged to share with them. As for my poor parents, their house has been taken over by pets and fish tanks! Hahaha... Tank number 7 (a 3 ft tank) is waiting to be cycled!


Thank you Mike for this website! What a fab job! Thanks also to Val (luv ya chick!), to Dave for his help and daft jokes, to Armadillo my European buddy and to Rose for her support and prayers.

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