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Hello my name is Andy (agsansoo).

Saltwater Reef Tank First and for most I would like to thank the folks at Fish Lore for such a great honor. I would also like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way to get to the point were I am now. You know who you are and I thank you so much. I started in this hobby about 30 years ago when I was a teenager. I walked into a local fish store around the corner from my house at the time. I was hooked. I continued keeping fish through high school, and became close friends with the LFS owners. They both taught me so much about fish keeping. I stopped my fish hobby for many years, due to work, school and family. Returning to it many years later after me and my daughter watched the movie "Finding Nemo". I told my daughter we should start a saltwater tank, I had always wanted a saltwater tank.

Not knowing what I was getting into. My first year has been a long road with many ups and downs. Though well worth the effort. I may not know every name of every coral, but I'm learning how to take care of them and hopefully, how to make them thrive. I hope you enjoy my tank as much as I do.


My one and only tank has been setup since Oct 5, 2006.

The tank is a Odyssea model B60 that I purchased from a local fish store here in southern California, where I live. The tank is a glass 65 gallon bare bottom, bow-front, that is my work in progress. It was not a reef ready rank, so I had to installed an external overflow box with a sump. Not knowing what I really needed when I purchased the tank. I was at the mercy of the LFS owners who saw a opportunity to sell me all the wrong equipment they could unload. That's why everyone needs to do research before going to buy anything! I've been bare bottom for five months now and absolutely love it. Aquarium maintenance is easier and the tank is much healthier.

Saltwater Reef Tank

The refugium holds about 5 lbs of cooked live rock rubble and a small ball of chaetomorpha macro algae. This stuff grew like a weed when I had a substrate. Now that I'm bare bottom, it stays very small. Although I thought this would remove nitrates in the beginning, I now believe this does more for phosphates removal and little for nitrate export.

Saltwater Refugium

Tank Lighting:
The tank is lit using an 442 watt Odyssea Metal Halide System. One 14k Phoenix DE bulb, 2 x 96 Watt Compact fluorescent, and 4 Bluemoon LED with a CoralVue 250 watt e-ballast. All mounted to my DIY light frame. The lights are on from 1 p.m. and shut off at 10:00 p.m.. I have found the 14k Phoenix offers the best color temperature for coloring up my corals. The jury is still out on how they will stimulate coral growth rates.

The refugium is lit with a 16 watt / 75 watt compact fluorescent flood light with a color rating of 5100K. The refugium light comes on at 10:00 pm and shuts off at 10:00 am. This keeps my PH more stable.

Reef Tank Lighting


Circulation in the tank in done by using an Rio 1700 used as a return pump with a 3/4" check valve. Further circulation is accomplished by using two Maxi-Jet 1200 Sure Flow 1600 mods. These pumps are awesome. Using the high flow propeller (Dumas 3004) produces 2000+ GPH. My fish absolutely love swimming in the current they produce. I also run two Koralia 3 pumps.. These pumps are run only when the actinic lights are on. Giving the tank calmer waters at night. These four power head pumps give me about 60x - 90x water turnover in my display tank, if you can believe manufactures flow ratings.

Filtration and sump:

Water filtration is accomplished by using 80 lbs of Fiji island rock, and a Coralife Super Skimmer 65 set to skim wet. I also use a phosban reactor 24/7 with carbon. Plus a 4" x 4" DIY bubble trap intake box with a 100 micron filter element and Seachem Matrix for added anaerobic denitrification. Although I am running at least 5x total water volume through the sump, this seems to work good for me. Water changes are done by taking 5 gallons from the tank and is replaced with RO/DI water mixed with OceanPure salt every week. I was using Catalina natural sea water for more than a year, but have made a change due to high alkalinity.

Saltwater Filter and Sump

I have recently purchased a RO/DI unit for water changes, top-off and drinking water. The unit is a SpectraPure MaxCap RO/DI System, 90 gpd with pressure gauge & purity monitor (TDS meter). I got so tired of lugging 5 gallon water jugs back and forth to my LFS every five days. Buying anywhere from five to fifteen gallons of water per week. I'm hopeful this unit will pay for itself over the next couple of years.

Reef Tank Lighting Reef Tank Lighting

Aquarium Stats
  • Tank Dimensions: 39.25" L x 19" W (at the bow) x 22.5" H = 65 gallons
  • Sump: 16" L x 12" W x 13" H = 10 gallons
  • Refugium: 12" L x 12" W x 16" H = 10 gallons
  • Total water volume: 85 gallons
  • Aquarium Stand: 29.5" tall

Supplements and Additives

Calcium and Alkalinity are kept in balanced using a two part solution called B-Ionic. This is added daily. Fresh water top off is done manually, which I replaced at least 5g a week. I also change the filter sock pad out daily. With 5 gallon water changes weekly.

Heater is a 12" 200 Watt Hydor THEO Heater set at 77-78 deg. This is short enough to fit into my small sump.

Tank inhabitants :

I tried to limit the amount of fish that I put in the tank but still have enough to keep it more natural. I have 7 fish now one very small hermit crab, and around twenty Astrea snails. Here is a list of the fish currently in my tank: Two mated pair of Maroon clownfish, one of my favorite type of fish. A Yellow Tang (which I can hand feed), Blue Hippo Tang and three Dispar Anthias (just out of QT). I also have three 2" green bubble tip anemones and two 6" reddish/brown bubble tip anemones. The oldest tank member is my three inch cleaner shrimp. I cycled my tank with him, though I would not recommend doing this. He is very hardy and active, though mostly at night.

Dispar Anthias Maroon Clownfish Maroon Clownfish Yellow Tang and Blue <img src=

Coral :

The tank is fed once or twice a day, a mixture of mysis shrimp, clams, oysters, mussels, squid, brine shrimp and nori. All foods are frozen. I never feed flake or pallet fish food. (Rod's food, Daily diet by Feeder Fish, Cyclopeeze and Formula One). Additionally I feed corals, three times a week some phytoplankton, Coral Frenzy and frozen rotifers. If nitrates get above 10 ppm, I dose Vodka (not me, the tank Yes you read right, 100 proof vodka.

Future Plans:

As for what the future holds. I can definitely see a larger tank in my future. Also need a chiller for the hot summers here in southern California.

Current Plans:

Looking into buying a larger protein skimmer (need ASAP - lol).


I like to thank again all the peeps at Fish Lore for making my fish journey much easier. Also my LFS's owners, Ali of "Amazing Aquariums & Reefs", Ron of "Aquariums in Motion". Without their help none of this would be possible.

Andy - a.k.a. (Agsansoo)

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