ZymBac Received & Added - Wish us Luck !

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I received the ZymBac order yesterday ( great Customs Service at Kordon/Novalek).  So I just did water parameters which were all 0ppm, excpet Amm. which was between .25 &.50 ppm ( probably getting ready to cycle on its own. with my luck!!)LOL

I added 1 tsp. of StressCoat to the Biofilter - (apparently assists bacteria to stick to plastic - who knows, I will try anything at this point).  Course they suggested their product, but even I am now understanding they are almost all the same.

Dosing was rather confusing since it was 4 oz for 10gal or 4 capfuls per gallon ( which measured 6 oz) - dah. ( It says you can add up to 5 times more to speed up the process).  So I called the company and they said 4oz in a 6gal was good - (so why don't you just say that in the info???? ???)

I poured a couple of ounces over the bio media as suggested, and then added the rest to the tank.  Thank goodness it didn't discolour the water or anything - for some reason that still freaks me out. :-\

Now I just have to sit back and wait, and wait -- same as I have been doing.  Neptune looks good, although still has some red on his tail.  He is really active and charming and has succeeded in winning over my husband - who now also talks to him on a regular basis.  These fish are amazing!

At this point, I feel confident that I have done everything possible to ensure Neptune's well being and my sanity.  It it doesn't cycle the tank - oh well - back to square one and I probably will get a separate tank - however we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  If it does, we can all  add a less expensive ; low cost shipping product to our fish first aid kits.

Meanwhile....I will keep you posted on the product or if there are any set-backs.   Val & Neptune

PS: Do you still do water parameter tests when cycling? What about water changes?? Thx
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Well, we wish you lots of luck with that and hope it's a product that we'll want to use as well.
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I would certainly keep testing water parameters, but try not to be too scared by them as they will probably go all over the place. But at least that way, you'll know the progress of the cycle and can update all of us curious people here on Fishlore
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Try not to do any water changed is you can while it's going through the cycle. Itcould slow the cycle down. You can do a 25% change if the perameter's get too out of control and get too high for him to handle it. RJ and I wish you lot's of luck with it. Natalie
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I try NOT to do tests with the Bio-spira as I know it will have ammonia spikes and they are normal and probably so will your product. It will make you crazy and make you want to do water changes and you should not do it if at all possible for at least a 7 day period. Then again since I know nothing about the product you are using, you may want to test and do the least water changes possible and then only if the ammonia reaches a VERY high level. Like over 1.0 maybe do a 20 - 25% change. But if at all possible try not to do much water changing as it will seriously slow the process down.

If you get into a situation you have questions about please do not hesitate to post them as we can all learn together here. This is new to all of us. Thank you for sharing the pioneer experience with us.

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I hope the ZymBac works for you and Neptune. We are waiting for any updates you may have for us.


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