1. d

    dahly Member Member

    Last night a took a piece of raw zucchini, par boiled it and dropped it into the 29. This morning 3/4 of the 2" piece was devoured. "They liked it, they really liked it!" Especially the clown pleco, who was munching on it with vigor before I went to bed. The 3 Julii's were sleeping next to it this morning too. I left it in, as it looked fine, and will remove anything that left tonight.
  2. Butterfly

    Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Now that they've tasted Gourmet food.... Yes all my Plecos (3), the bristlenose(10) the clowns(2) and the corys(7) like it. I put mine in raw and they still scarf it up(pigs!!).
    Maybe the juli's ate so much they just fell over asleep :D
    Just one word of caution, if your feeding it in slices, cut through the peel so when they eat the inside their not wearing a collar when they get finished. It's the dickens to catch a pleco and take the ring off(especially if he thinks your gonna take his food). thats why I cut mine long ways.