Zoro had his way...

  1. GoGreen Well Known Member Member

    Birth announcement!:;balloons I was cleaning my gravel today and out pops this baby swordtail! I guess Zoro, my male swordtail finally got lucky after chasing Espada all around the tank. I am not sure how long the little guy has been in there, he is all black like his dad and about 8 mm long. Anyone know how big they are right at birth? Could there have been a whole bunch that were born at night and every one turned into a fish-stick snack but this one? I may have to rehome my white clouds for some space for my babies, instead of making room for three guppies as I planned. Currently I also have a baby platy, Small-fry.:;fg
  2. bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    Congratulations, GoGreen! Wow, I thought black swordtails were infertile. Zoro proved that wrong.
  3. Randog Initiate Member

    Congradulations on the new arrival.

    Although some strains of black sword are infurtile, not all of them are. They may need a little help. If you research artificial breeding you can learn to improve the effectiveness of their breeding.