Zodiac Loach Care Guide


Zodiac Loach
(Mesonoemacheilus triangularis)

Common names:
Zodiac Loach, Batik Loach

Size: 5.8cm

pH: 7.0 – 7.5

Tempº: 18ºC - 26ºC

Tank region: Bottom Layer

Origin: India

Gender: Unknown.

Notes: This is a rather rare species in the Aquarium Trade, but is an excellent fish to keep nonetheless. The Zodiac loach originated from clear, well oxygenated and fast flowing hillstreams and it's tank should be set up acordingly. This means fast flowing clean water and plenty of rocks and hiding places. Unlike most loaches, the Zodiac Loach is territorial to it's own species and thus it can be difficult to keep more than one Zodiac loach in an aquarium together.

It is possible however, but there must be plenty of hiding places and lots of floor space in the tank. If this is kept in mind whilst designing the tank, then it should be possible to keep a small group of Zodiac Loaches. Good tank mates for the Zodiac loach include Danios, Minnows and small Barbs but in general small peaceful fish should coexist with the Zodiac happily as long as they have the same tank requirements. Unfortunately they have been reported as fin nippers, and as most long finned fishes tend to prefer slower moving waters anyway it is probably not a good idea to combine them with these loaches.

This species is omnivorous and should take most commercially produced aquarium foods; preferably bottom sinking pellets. This species is rewarding for those prepared to provide appropriate conditions, but for a general community environment there are better loaches available.
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